Little River Band

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October 29, 2010
One World Theater
Austin, TX

Photos by Chuck Murphy Photography
Hutto, TX

Little River BandAlthough there have been many variations of this famous band that started in Melbourne, Australia back in 1975, the version of Little River Band that performed this night at One World Theatre in Austin, TX gave the patrons a night to remember.

The current version of Little River Band consists of:

Wayne Nelson (bass guitar and lead vocals). Wayne started with the band in 1979 and was part of some of the bands biggest hits including; The Other Guy (1982), We Two 1983), You’re Driving Me Out of My Mind (1983), Where We Started From (2000), Test of Time (2004), Love is a Bridge (1988) and others.

Greg Hind (guitar and shares the lead vocals) joined in early 2000. Greg has been involved in such songs as; Where We Started From (2000), Test of Time (2004), and One Night in Mississippi (2002).

Chris Marion (keyboard) joined up with Little River Band in 2005 and has been involved in three CDs with the band since that point.

Billy Thomas (drums) joined Little River Band in 2007 after joining the Dave Perkins Band and touring with the likes of The Allman Brothers, Charlie Daniels Band, Little Feat, and Badfinger.

Rich Herring (lead guitar) joined in 2006 and brought with him his engineering and producing experience. The band’s Standing Room Only and We Call it Christmas albums were both mixed at Herring’s Nashville studio.

Little River BandGranted, they have been around in one version or another for thirty-five years. However, their continued popularity and success can easily be measured. Be it in different iterations, Little River Band has released fifteen studio albums, five live albums and six compilation albums. These albums contained thirty-six charted singles between Australia and here in the U.S. That breaks down to: 16 BillBoard chart singles in the U.S., 22 Kent Music chart singles in Australia and 7 Adult Contemporary chart singles in the U.S. Little River Band’s compilation albums included their Greatest Hits Vol. II (released in 1982), that went two times multi-platinum here in the U.S. This means that more than four million copies of this album were sold.

Although these are not the original members of the Little River Band, these musicians live and breathe the Little River Band style and sound. Their stage presence was relaxed and definitely in tune with their audience. Their harmonies were spot on, their enthusiasm contagious, and the crowd response with this band quickly and continually gave evidence of the popularity of Little River Band’s particular sound, and the appreciation of the bands performance here in Austin. The crowd’s enthusiasm for their performance was rewarded with electrifying performances of many of their well-known songs such as; Reminiscing, Cool Change, Lonesome Loser, Help Is On Its Way, Take It Easy on Me, Happy Anniversary, Lady, The Night Owl and many others.

Little River BandLittle River BandLittle River BandLittle River BandLittle River BandI would highly recommend this band to anyone that appreciates music written with great sounds, tight harmonies, and solid melodies. If you have the chance to see Little River Band perform as many here in Austin did, don’t pass it up. You will NOT be disappointed! This is timeless music that will still be popular in another 30 years. The folks here in Austin have a fantastic venue at One World Theatre with no seat more than 60 feet from the front of the stage, and were able to enjoy the performance by a legendary group that continues to provide quality performances from their most popular long list of music. This crowd sang along with many of the songs, and often bantered with Wayne Nelson and his off the cuff comments about their music in his own soft-spoken relaxed delivery. The audience appreciation for this band was quite evident at the close of the show with a long standing ovation. There was a moment of surprise by many, when members of the band stood and shook hands and visited with the audience right at the front of the stage, as soon as they put down their instruments. It was evident to me these musicians have not forgotten how they got to that stage and who is truly responsible for their continued success, the fans.