Kristen Karma – Destination Unknown

Written by on December 9, 2010 in December 9, 2010, Live Reviews - 3 Comments

Kristen KarmaFans of Lights, and Selena Gomez will probably appreciate the positive messages in the pop songs of Vancouver based artist Kristen Karma. Another ‘Digital Underdog’ alumni.

The disc starts off with tracks ‘Best in me’ and ‘Bustin out’ two up tempo pop/dance ditty’s with active synths and guitars.  These will most certainly have a strong appeal with a younger audience.  According to Kristens MySpace the EP’s single ‘Bustin Out’ is already a hit on satellite and college radio. She seems to be ‘Bustin Out’ all over the place.

‘Destination Unknown’ doesn’t really connect until track four ‘Breakaway’.   Things are taken back a notch and the production has a more orchestral tone. The more introspective mood is a far better fit for Kristen’s youthful voice which takes flight in this personal song.  The winning formula is once again repeated in the final offering ‘Goodbye’ which is the most ipod worthy and dynamic song on the album, showcasing a chirpy pop chorus hook.

No matter what, Kristen is on the right track for an indie pop/rock artist.  It will be interesting to see what she does next.