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IllidianceCyber Metal band Illidiance, using their influences for futuristic technologies to drive their lyrical concepts alongside their brand of metal that is fused with electronics and catchy melodies, have completed their third album “Damage Theory”. This ultimately cements the direction of their Synthetic Breed EP much further as the EP saw the move away from modern black metal sound that began with “Insane Mytheries To Demise” (2006) and later “cyber electronics with technical black metal riffs” with “Nexaeon” (2008). The tracks from Synthetic Breed are included in this album but have been re-recorded and re-mixed.

Damage Theory was produced by Alexander Karelin and Arcady Navaho, who has previously worked with Korea, Amatory, Perimeter, Stigmata, THRON. The first track is “Hi-Tech Terror” which is about android assassin erasing obsolete ‘data’ that is not part of the technogenic future. The intro is fast and furious on the tempo which subsequently launches into very catchy melody using combined vocals – the harmonies of Tommy along with the unclean vocals of Xyrohn, which works smoothly throughout the track. The electronics are mixed very well as the rhythm and groove of the track is very infectious and is overall a very memorable song. “Critical Damage” is the second track where the assassin has located its target and the strike is imminent,  contrasting vocals are used with more aggressive approach to the verse and harmonies in the chorus, which continues to build towards the end of the song. The electronics are applied in the instrumental breaks and add to the tenseness in the story in the lyrics “Do you see me? I’m on your trail. My exoskeleton injects the rage…..”

Next track is  “Breaking the Limit” takes a new twist in a futuristic race that is about the need for speed “…this pursuit I was born to, and I’m ready to drive, I strain my mind to one thought – I am in the highway Outrun to survive , flameout of injecting toxic fuel.. Elusive, I turn on the nitrogen oxide and the break the limit”. The lyrics are very well written, imaginative and work well in the track. The song launches straight into a hook that opens up with both melody in Tommy’s vocals and the anger fueled vocals of Xyrohn and the song continues to open up in the melody direction with subtle instrumental bridge that follows their key signature for electronic fusion.

Illidiance“New Millennium Crushers” draws the listen back into the the synthetic world describing the future with one collective mind and soul and to bring the sentient past back they must be liberated from technocracy governance. The tracks centers on the unclean vocals of Xyrohn to deliver the aggressive element for the realization for the coming new era, which gradually progresses in opening up the melody where both styles are then fused together in the chorus. The keys are very subtle in style and feel natural element to the track.  The band has made a video clip of this track so to see their ideas in physical form will be good.

Mick Priestly from the Green River Project guest appears in the solo for “I Want To Believe”, which is about the feeling disillusionment for life “…streets filled with dust of days and vice of nights” and the desire to believe in new worlds…”I know we’re not alone, I’ve seen new suns shining.” This is softer pace for the band and highlights the powerful vocal melodies of Tommy and its very strong ballad in its arrangement and catchiness.

Tony JJ (ex- Mnemic, Icon in Me and M.A.N.) guest appears as the vocalist to Cybergore Generation. This track originally appeared on Synthetic Breed EP. The new version is more stronger in the arrangement and tighter in the instrumentals with good rhythm changes and aggression in the vocals that identify cloning and self-evolution as the new generation.

Next track is  ‘Cybernesis” Vasiliy “Ghost” from AKADO guest appears and this is the new version from their EP. There is a fusion with EBM in this track and it works well and highlights the bands more electronic side and again the unclean vocals are more centered as the clean vocals are used in the chorus. The fusion doesn’t lose on the delivery or overall power and aggression that conveys the realization for the pain of implants absorbing into the DNA.

“Infected” is the sadness for the ashes of bygone days as the world and everyone has changed into empty vessel of nano technology. The song is powerful in vocals and the rhythm is constantly changing and opening up, which makes the song iron tight in structure and direction. The melody builds up and is released very smoothly and changes up again for succinct ending.

“Fading Away”  is another softer rock track, which to distinguish it from “I Want To Believe”  there is more combined vocals as Tommy relays the melody carefully holding the note which is then supported by Xyrohn for the unclean parts. Later this is switched round towards the end of the song. So the arrangement has been carefully thought out and the instrumentals provide the intensity of the melody as the nano technology draws away the emotions and lamenting the synthetic fate before them.

“Mind Hunters” is about taking over reality through subconsciousness and altering the perception of life and your mind. It launches straight into the vocals with strong rhythm changes and direction. The vocals style is backed up with the power of the drums and gives that extra oomph for the aggression. The track really opens up at the bridge with the keys driving the force on the one hand with the drums and guitars on the other. The melody throughout is smooth and catchy in chorus. A much tighter track overall that was first featured on their EP.

Lastly “Razor To The Skin” the breakdowns have really been bumped up aggression using the keys and overall heaviness to convey lyrically the frantic nature of the infection from the lies and the need to remove them. It’s really infectious and the structure is just inspiring. They really make it work with the cyber metal fusion.

Overall this is an outstanding album with contemporary ideas both musically, and in their image and artwork. It’s got me excited again I cannot think of band that has done this on such grand and original scale for their sci-fi influences. I’ve neglected to tell you the band is from Russia does it matter? Well no it shouldn’t but the reality is not the same. Russia’s music exports are few and far between and for a label it is risk, but one, in my view, that should be taken. Creating their own niche sub-genre from the cyber metal style is credit to them but there is so much more to explore and expect as they continue to develop their style for the future. If they transfer onto the international platform I think it will be a “first” for the USA and many other countries.