Get Scared – Self-Titled

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Get ScaredUtah rockers Get Scared released their first EP “Cheap Tricks and Theatrics” in 2009 now they’ve returned with a minor follow-up. Which in this case is yet another EP release and to make matters worse it’s a self-titled release as if there aren’t enough self-titled albums as it is why not add another to the bunch.

Moving right along Get Scared have released this self-titled effort to give us a glimpse into what we can expect from their full-length album “Best Kind of Mess’ due out Spring time of next year. So in any case this EP comes with the following, “Deepest Cut”, “If only she knew voodoo like I do”, and “Setting yourself up for sarcasm”, yes that’s just a total of three tracks minus the six that were on their previous release.

As far as this EP goes it is indeed quite the follow-up and leading single “If only she knew voodoo like I do”, brings back that raw energetic rock that Get Scared is so known to produce. Which brings us to that other song that’s rather noticeable yet more progressive, “Setting yourself up for sarcasm”, that’s pretty much a great combination to the “Voodoo” tune. Lastly is “Deepest Cut”, which possibly comes off the band’s upcoming full-length so if your eagerly wanting to know what the “new” material is all about then this tune really wraps it up.  It’s built of solid guitar work with hard hitting vocal tactics that just makes the music spin.

So Utah’s finest just got more heavier, can you wait it out?