Mannerisms Magnified – Dale Turner

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Dale TurnerDale TurnerIn the opening liner notes, Dale Turner writes how his builder dad provided him with the inspiration to become a craftsman himself, though in the musical field. Upon listening to this album, an album that Dale has totally crafted himself from the ground up, playing all the instruments, and handling production – a totally mind boggling effort – his dad would be very proud.

Dale has done a magnificent job in putting this all together. Starting with some lush Beach Boys-esque harmonies on opener Brian on the Brain, it quickly segues into an acoustic progressive romp of Bad Seed and right through to the closing instrumental Solace Song, it is a journey through a rich cocktail of differing textures, aural delights, various interesting instrumentation and quirky vocal arrangements.

There are echoes of influences that run the gamut from Elliot Smith to Pink Floyd and even Kings X throughout, yet the writing brilliance and solid musicianship of Turner shines noticeably on each and every track. The album takes quite a number of spins to reveal its inherent beauty. Its strength is in its unpredictability, with layers of instrumentation unveiling its melodic richness with time and its lyrical mysteries – which veers from dry wit to introspective – rewarding the listener with its musical elegance.

Mannerisms Magnified is a remarkable and inspiring effort on all fronts. D-I-Y Musicians take note, Turner will teach you a thing or two, and maybe more about what constitutes making a truly “musical” record.

Stand out track: Saboteur.