P-Cats Christmas Bash

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P-Cats Rock The Blues!!!
                                   P-Cats Christmas Poster                                       

         (HUNTINGTON BEACH) – P-Cats are a new husband-and-wife blues band currently making a name for themselves in Southern California.

         The band consists of Ed Paredes on electric guitar and vocals and Trace Paredes on bass guitar and vocals backed by BJ “daFunkyDrumma” Rogers on drums and Ambrose Romero on harmonica. Now based in Huntington Beach, the band recently made their Orange County debut at The Real Blues Festival of Orange County. 
         “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life:  music and cats.”

                                                                                    -Albert Schweitzer 

          How could he have known what the future would hold in P-Cats? They truly offer a refuge from life’s miseries with their fresh take on the Blues. Their vocals are an eclectic blend of Edward’s rough, smoky sound and Trace’s distinctive voice that’s both pure and sexy at the same time. Sexy, sultry, funky and fun, P-Cats will remind you why great music makes you feel so good.
P-Cats Live At Palladino's
Pictured above: P-Cats performing at the International Blues Challenge at Paladino’s in Tarzana, CA 

     And just in time for the holidays, P-Cats is throwing a party. Eat, Drink and be Merry at P-Cats Christmas Bash on December 19th from 5-9pm at Gallager’s Pub in downtown Huntington Beach located on Walnut between Main and 3rd. 714-536-2422. www.GallagersPub.com No cover.

         For more information on P-Cats, go to www.P-Cats.com