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September 25th, Hotel Café Los Angeles

ThreadspinnerThreadspinnerFrom the farthest reaches of Santa Barbara LA is treated to this gem of a band on another great night at one of the area’s best venues. Here we have a sharp dressed band with sharp dressed tunes, both melodic, rockish, and sporting front woman Sarah Corum with her commanding presence and great vocals. The set starts a bit slower paced, but quickly gets into the faster rock vein and Sarah really comes alive. But not too fast, as Sarah then proceeds to have a seat at the piano playing a beautiful ballad, while Jon Ziebarth shows off his chops with some great slide guitar work. The tempo goes back and forth for a very intriguing set as we are treated to songs such as “Running Away”, and “Darkness”. The latter of these two being very up tempo, high energy, and with emotionally charged lyrics. Ms. Corum has a unique talent for writing about life, love, and relationships from a deeper and more introspective way then most songs of this type and that is truly refreshing. Great players, songs, and persona all combined for what should be the next big thing.