Terese Taylor – Hotel Café

Written by on October 28, 2010 in Live Reviews, October 28, 2010 - Comments Off on Terese Taylor – Hotel Café

Terese TaylorTerese Taylor was certainly the surprise show of recent outings. While listening to her CD on the way to the show, it seemed like her music was almost out of place for this venue. With music more on the dark, distorted side, it just wasn’t setting the mood for an uplifting live performance experience. But surprise, when Ms. Taylor came out on stage with her other two band members, and the bassist playing an upright variety, all assumptions went away about what to expect. She seemed to start off with more of a country feel then one would expect from a San Francisco based artist, but it quickly changed gears turning into Bass slappin’ rock music which then turns to various shades of dark. This set goes from dark to upbeat, ethereal to despondent. We are treated to gems like “Doesn’t Shine”, which sounded like a George Martin/Trent Reznor production. Moving right along the next surprise is “Drug”, and it sounded like vintage Jeff Beck. This is made all the more enjoyable as her petite frame and agile fingers frame firmly command the old Gibson SG that she plays, and often with lots of distortion pedal. Ms. Taylors’ got much to offer in the way of true musical talent, and that combined with a true to form “tortured soul”, makes for some great art, albeit on the dark side. In the end, you can’t help but to be a bit awestruck by Terese and her two outstanding band members. This show is a must if she passes through your town.