McGoye – Hotel Café, August 25th

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Rachel McGoyeRachel McGoyeWhat a fabulous evening to be at this great Hollywood venue for Rachel McGoye, releasing her fourth EP. It was her first live performance in some time as well, but she quickly seemed to find her comfort zone onstage. Sporting a full band of seasoned players, it was almost crowded with Rachel, a guitar player, drums, bass, a violin player as well as an extra female singer. Rachel herself starts off on acoustic guitar, and then eventually works her way over to the piano and back again. Her clean vocals and sultry, captivating performance result in an above average performance by a young woman who can write great music and lyrics, enhanced even further by the most excellent band she has assembled. Her genre of music moves around from pop, folk, soul, and a little rock, all combined to deliver great songs of love, relationships and the like. Never a boring moment, and with several very, very, romantic songs in her repertoire she occasionally pauses to let the audience that “This one’s another sex song”, and then apologizing to her mother if she is a bit embarrassed. Yes, her mother was there, but Rachel’s talent would be nothing to be embarrassed by and above all, she is truly a compliment to her alma mater, Berklee College of Music. All that matters is that she is here in LA, and hopefully to stay and deliver more great music for years to come.