LyLy GreenLuv’s Number 1 Album Sends a Message

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LyLy GreenluvMontréal, Canada’s Pop singer-songwriter LyLy GreenLuv has made environmental conservation her number one priority. Her main musical mission is supporting “green and love” through singing and songwriting, sending important messages through her music. This artist LyLy GreenLuv also contributes to “green world” by wearing natural and organic fibers, recycled material, and handmade costumes in her music videos.

“I want to have [a] brand name line of clothing and cosmetics,” LyLy GreenLuv said in an e-mail interview (July 16th). “My mission is to incorporate my music with ‘green and love,’ because love and the respect of nature are the most important values [in] the world.”

“My cosmetics line will be safe for everyone to use, with no nanotechnology,” LyLy GreenLuv explained. “[Nanotechnology] are [infinitely] small molecules that are added to different products and have the ability to penetrate our skin.” The full environmental impact of the use of nanotechnology has yet to be determined.

Many artists are now supporting the green world, artists such as rapper Kemo The Blaxican, whose new album is environmentally friendly. “The Upside of Struggle album cover is printed on a six-panel eco-wallet that is 100% recyclable […],” said Kemo to Rap Pages in an e-mail interview (July 31st). He said that unlike typical CD jewel boxes, the eco-wallet contains absolutely no plastic.

Now, LyLy GreenLuv has gone a similar route. Her 2008 self-produced independent album, Number 1, is now available with an eco-sleeve made out of recycled and recyclable paper.

Number 1 is a 10-track album filled with harmonies about love, living green, and helping the environment. It will leave you in a peaceful, relaxed, and hopeful state of mind. LyLy wrote all the lyrics on the album, with Montréal composer/multi-instrumentalist Luke Milard doing all the arrangements. Actor/singer Nicolas Canuel ( of Stadium Studio remixed the album, and Vincent Cardinal of Studio Plasma, Inc., Montréal (Qc) (, did the mastering.

The single, titled “Number 1,” is meant to inspire listeners to take control of their lives and listen to the cheerful voice inside of them, because that voice is the voice of light, GreenLuv explained in an e-mail interview (July 21st).

GreenLuv wrote the lyrics, and music to the song “Don’t Come Knocking at My Door” and Milard played all the instruments. The track sends an important message: don’t be afraid to shut the door on unmusical situations, and keep your life and environment filled with music and harmony. The song “I Love You in My Mind” is a song about green and love, and the importance of taking care of what nature has given us. LyLy GreenLuv won Honorable Mention from the 17th Billboard World Song Contest, for the song “I Love You in My Mind.”

A message from LyLy GreenLuv:

“My artistic persona is free from time and space and knows that there is no death
and that we must not be influenced by the way society has planned Life
in an order that […] is full of limitation. The only real value in Life is Love
and to know that we are messengers of the Light
and that it is never too late to awaken to the true values of Life
because there we will find Happiness, true values, Joy, Health and Wealth . . .”

She’ll be performing live in Montréal mid-September to launch Number 1 at the opening of a new bar, Jovi, on St-Denis, corner of Jarry. Visit the Conte’s Networking Communications website ( for updates on LyLy GreenLuv’s live performances.

GreenLuv said she plans to use only recyclable paper tickets for her live shows and recyclable paper containers to create zero waste at festivals and venues. “This will surely [help to win] the fight against climate crisis,” GreenLuv said. “The musical instruments will eventually be made from natural material.” She further explained that she plans to light her shows with ecological lights and use wind turbines or solar power to power the stage. Graphics of natural elements—earth, fire, and water—will be displayed in the background, mesmerizing the audience with peace, love, and harmony.

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