Le Reverie – Truth & Lies

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Le ReverieTruth & Lies is a strong EP release produced by Ron Nevison, whose credits over the years include The Who, Rolling Stones and Ozzy Osbourne. Lead singer and songwriter Allie Jorgen appears to be a mezzo-soprano like other great rock singers, Pat Benatar, Ann Wilson and Amy Lee.

Truth & Lies starts with fuzz guitar and a Led Zeppelin Kashmir style driving chord progression from Jon Monter. Hold Me Down was nominated “Breakout Single of the Year” by the Los Angeles Music Awards. Here stark piano and subtle keys are the backdrop for driving guitar bouncing between sound channels. Then comes the silence, followed by simple piano and vocals.

This abrupt songwriting structure has been popularized by bands like System of A Down and Evanescence which Le Reverie is comparable to. However, when the band veers towards the rock ballad the similarity ends. Ghost of You opens with keys by the pianist and songwriter known simply as “O”. The production works itself up starting small, with some dialed in strings light in the background; some brief drum and guitar accents until a full chorus. The interesting half note change in key for the bridge leads to an uplifting instrumental. This is where the band really shines and sounds more distinct. This was my favorite song on the EP; a moving rock ballad.

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