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Le ReverieTruth & Lies a three song sampler recorded by the band LE REVERIE. Allie Jorgen singer/songwriter fronts the band with her raspy sounding voice; a little different than one would expect to hear in a Hard-Rock/ Goth band.  So as interesting as this was, a Google search leads me to want to know more about Allie Jorgen and the band LE REVERIE!

All Access Magazine (AAM): I have to admit, I didn’t expect this raspy sounding voice on your sampler, “TRUTH & LIES”.  A bit different and not something you hear every day from a Hard Rock-Goth band.  Do you get a lot of comments on your vocals?

Allie Jorgen:  I have been told that my vocal style is different from the Female Vocals of the European Heavy Gothic/Symphonic Rock Bands.  I love the high operatic vocal style of Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation and so many of the other Heavy Gothic/Symphonic Rock Female Singers but my vocals are definitely more on the raspy side.

AAM: How did your passion for singing/songwriting come about?

Allie Jorgen:  I have always been around music because my mother was a singer.  We have always had a piano in the house and I was always putting chords together and writing songs. One of the earliest memories I have is of my mother working on a TV Commercial and they wanted a little girl singing in the background, so she suggested me.  That was the beginning.

AAM: Has it always been Hard Rock/Goth bands for you or is LE REVERIE your first band?

Allie Jorgen: I have been in Rock/ Alternative Rock Bands, but I was drawn to Gothic Rock by the imagery and theatrical style and freedom of songwriting.

AAM- My first take on your CD, I compared your vocals to Amy Lee-Evanescence. Or for some of our early All Access Magazine readers or Indie band lovers, Stacy Lip-SLIPPERY LIP. Have you ever been told that before?

Allie Jorgen:  Thank you, I have never had my vocals compared to Amy Lee-Evanescence or Stacy Lip-SLIPPERY LIP.  Amy Lee is a great singer and songwriter and Evanescence is a great band.  I must confess I am not familiar with Stacy Lip, but I will find out more online from Goggle.

AAM: What inspires your song writing?

Allie Jorgen: I write about everyday situations that we all go through.  We all have good days and bad days, and everything is not always “sugar coated”.  When we first decided to start a Gothic Rock Band there were many people that told us that was not a good idea, that we should try a different style of music.  But we looked at each other and said, let’s do this anyway, and that is how the song “Hold Me Down” was written.  The song is about following your ideas and dreams and not letting anyone tell you different or “Hold You Down”.

AAM:  Your band’s name LE REVERIE, any meaning there?

Allie Jorgen:  Le Reverie means “The Dream” in French and English and it was a good name for the band because everyone has some kind of dream.  Everyone is unique and each person has something special to offer, and everyone should have the freedom to follow their dream no matter what.

AAM: You write the lyrics correct, and how is the music written?

Allie Jorgen: We actually have a very interesting writing style.  For example, in the case of Truth & Lies, the title song to the EP, it was written completely on Drums first.  The Drummer will hear the entire song in his head.  He will write the Verse, Chorus, Bridge and Vocal Breakdown and record all of the Drum tracks on what we call the “Kitchen” which is a Portable Recorder set up in his kitchen along with all his drums and all the equipment.  Then the Keyboard Player and Guitar Player will come in and add all the chords and solos.  They will work with the track and get an arrangement they are happy with, then they will burn me a CD and I will disappear for a few days, and come back with lyrics, vocals and a melody.

AAM: Which comes first, lyrics or music?

Allie Jorgen: So far the music and the music tracks have been put down first.  But I am always writing.    I have a large notebook I carry with me and I am always getting Ideas and writing them down, so I have many, many pages of ideas to choose from and work with.  Usually when I get the rough draft of music on CD I will create a whole new song with new lyrics, vocals and melody based on what images the new music is creating for me, and sometimes the song goes perfectly with something I have already written.

AAM: Your single “Hold Me Down” nominated at this year’s L.A. Music Awards, how do you think this will affect your music career?

Allie Jorgen:  We are much honored to have the first single off of our New EP nominated for “Breakout Single of the Year” by the L.A. Music Awards.  As I mentioned earlier this song was written for all the people that told us not to start this band, but we started the band anyway.  So it was very special that it was “Hold Me Down” that was nominated and we actually just found out that we won the Award for “Breakout Single of the Year” by the L.A. Music Awards for “Hold Me Down and they will be presenting the Award to Le Reverie on the “Red Carpet” on November 18, 2010 at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California.  We have been told that there will be press interviews regarding our winning the Award, which we will be able to post on our web site to get the word out there, so we are very excited. Many Thanks to Al Bowman and the L.A. Music Awards for this honor.

AAM: Will you be performing at the L.A. Music Awards?

Allie Jorgen: We will not actually be performing live at the L.A. Music Awards; we will be receiving our Award at the Award Show on November 18th at the Paramount Studios. But we are planning our EP Release Party and our first video.  Stay tuned to our website www.lereverie.com for all the information.

AAM: I see LE REVERIE is in the studio working on your first EP, care to tell our readers a little bit about that?

Allie Jorgen:  We actually just finished our 3 song EP (which is the EP sampler – Truth & Lies) and we are writing songs and getting ready to work on our 10 song CD.  We recorded the EP at East West Studios in Hollywood, California and we were very fortunate to work with Legendary Rock Producer Ron Nevison, who has worked with Led Zeppelin, The Who, Ozzy Osborne and Heart, just to name a few.  Ron is so amazing because he has worked with so many different personalities and has learned how to pull the very best out of everyone. For me personally, I remember singing in the vocal both, and then listening to the playback after recording a vocal track and saying, “Wow, did we just record that?” Ron was able to get some great performances out of me, and everyone in the band.  He is so laid back and easy to work with.

AAM: When do you expect to release your new EP?

Allie Jorgen: The 3 song EP is out, it is called Truth & Lies.  It is available on our website www.lereverie.com and CD Baby.  We are working on completing songs for our full length 10 song CD.  Hopefully it will be out early to mid-next year.

We will be working with Ron Nevison again on the full length CD, and expect to add a few surprises.

AAM: What is the best way your fans can keep up with LE REVERIE, your live shows or to buy your CD?

Allie Jorgen: We keep everything up to date and posted on our website www.lereverie.com and myspace.com/lereverie.  We are very excited about the planning of our EP Release party.  We are putting together a visual and theatrical event, and we are also planning our first video.  Everything will be posted on our website and MySpace page.

AAM: Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Allie Jorgen: I was once asked what I think our music means to people.  I think our music is powerful about everyday situations that we all go through and not “sugar coated”.  We hope to inspire a message that everyone is unique and should follow their dreams no matter what, and not to let anyone stand in your way or hold you down.

I also want to say thank you to All Access Magazine for keeping Rock Music and Independent Music alive, it means a lot to the Artists and Bands.