Ben G. – Stories I Tell

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Ben GI want to start off by saying I can see why this album is getting such rave reviews.

Ben G. is a singer songwriter from London Ontario Canada, who teamed up once again with Producer Dave Thompson of Digital Underdog (Vancouver) with whom he recorded his previous EP.

For those of you who heard ‘Cut You In’ know this BOTH parties have evolved!  I mentioned that in my review of the first single ‘Getaway’ it rings true throughout the whole album.

The production is tighter, the guitars sound bigger and the writing is more focused.   When you pop the disc in your CD player you will be sure to note Ben G. and Dave Thompson make a great songwriting duo.  I’m surprised they haven’t been bought up by some American entity yet.  They are prime real estate.

Ben’s vocal performance on ‘Stories I Tell’ is dynamite, and folks he was getting a lot of praise before with the EP.  “South (where it’s warm)” one of the albums many highlights really showcases how easily he slips into his falsetto,  with a chorus vocal that is somewhere between Brandon Flowers and Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump.

‘Hard Rock Haven’ called the song “A hit waiting to happen” and I would have to agree.

Another favorite ‘Morning Song’ delivers a more laid back sound and delivery. It acts as the perfect follow up to the infectiously catchy lead single/video ‘Getaway.’  Other strong tracks include the song ‘Shine’ which is pure power pop goodness, and ‘Circles’ where Ben really sounds like what you’d expect a Canadian act to bring to the table. I don’t mean that as a jab.  You can practically feel the sun setting as you drive down the highway, this song really sets a mood.  However the power ballad ‘Light My Way’ seems to be the stand out track on the album.  It’s the cut everyone is talking about. The sound is reminiscent of ‘The Goo Goo Dolls’ and ‘Three Doors Down’ it will leave you wanting more.

In ‘Stories’ we find Ben G. taking a more ‘pop’ direction, with enough rock in the mix to stay relatable.  Even Ben’s look has evolved away from the Ozzy like style he sported previously.  He now has shorter neater hair, with more styled clothes.  From first glance it could appear he’s been ‘tamed’ by his handlers.  However despite working with multiple production companies and getting on everyone’s radar he is still as of yet not signed to a management company or record label which means he’s calling these shots, and making all the right moves to position himself as a contender.

‘Stories I Tell’ is a forward thrust and an evolution.  There is a sense of humor and genuine emotion present on this disc unique to ‘G’.  He has boy next door appeal, but holds your attention with spunk and energy.

Ben G. received support from a Canadian government funded program called Factor to create this album, he is clearly on his game and going places fast.  ‘Stories I Tell’ is what a pop/rock offering should be.  Fans of Oasis, Gin Blossoms, Daughtry, Blue Rodeo and Collective Soul will all enjoy adding this CD to their collection.