The Six Shot Revival

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It’s been said, “It’s easier to give birth than to raise the dead…”

Six Shot RevivalIn a world driven by the need to mass produce by way of cookie-cutter molds, the team of THE SIX SHOT REVIVAL have found it deep in their creative processes to deny the urge to mimic their surroundings through a successful attempt to prove, as in the days of old, that SOUL triumphs over polished, over-produced, systematically formulated insta-pop every time.

Inspired by bands that earned acclaim by way of their overwhelmingly infectious ability to move audiences young and old for the better part of fifty years, THE SIX SHOT REVIVAL has thoroughly shattered the notion that the best of the “rock-n-roll” genre has come and gone. Through the use of the same tools and tactics that brought songs to the listening public such as “My Generation,” which gave a voice to the teenage angst of the sixties, to “War Pigs” and “Ace of Spades,” which continue to define metal as we know it today, SSR has forced every person in their wake to reconcile with the reality that not only is rock-n-roll alive and well today, but is poised to once again excite a generation to the revolutions that it once did for generations previously.

Teaming with the visionary engineers at the acclaimed Atlanta recording house, Southern Tracks Studios, Tom Tapley and Steven Morrison, THE SIX SHOT REVIVAL’s first e.p. is taking a jaded and cynical listening public by storm. Tune into this band’s rise and join the one true rock REVIVAL…

Interview by Casey

All Access Magazine (AAM) Where did the name Six Shot Revival come from?

Jon: Well we started out as the Playground Rivals then when Marc joined the band the music completely changed. So we figured we needed a new name to reflect that change hence the Six Shot Revival.

Marc: Yeah Jon came up with the name and we thought it was perfect because it definitely reflects the throwback nature of the music.

Jon: Also it’s a shot at the over produced bullshit music of today.

AAM: How did you come to know each other & form the Six Shot Revival?

Brandon: The official lineup was formed back in February 2009 when Jon & I found Marc on Craigslist.

Marc: Yeah I was shocked when Brandon called because my girlfriend actually placed an ad on Craigslist for me & I didn’t know about it.

Brandon:  Then Steve joined that November which sprouted from him not only being friends with Marc but the fact that we were going through a line-up change while we were recording our EP Rebel Music at Southern Track Studios which Steve was producing. He ended up playing some bass on the album & just really killed it.

Six Shot RevivalSix Shot RevivalSix Shot RevivalSix Shot RevivalSix Shot Revival

AAM  Do you guys have any influences?

Steve: It’s pretty safe to say that were all majorly influenced by Led Zeppelin. I think we all strive to be as much like Zeppelin as we can. That is if they were from the south.

Jon: I think we share a lot of the same influences like Guns ‘N Roses, Aerosmith and you know all the hard rock heroes from the seventies and nineties.

Marc- Probably my biggest influence is Shannon Hoon which is a little odd considering our music but he was great.

AAM  If  you could tour with anyone who would it be?

Brandon: Realistically a tour with Them Crooked Vultures since it’s probably the closest we could ever get to opening for Zeppelin. Also the STP or Slash tours would be great.

Jon: Yeah but if we could have any tour we wanted it would be the mighty Zeppelin itself or the original lineup of GNR not that either one of those are possible.

Steve: For me Jimi Hendrix or the Doors would be pretty heavy.

Marc: I’m in with all of that plus maybe opening up for Soundgarden.

AAM  What are your goals as a band?

Marc: Hall of Fame! Really to just be as big of a rock staple as all our Heroes.

AAM  Do you have a full album yet?

Jon: Well Rebel Music our EP was recorded at Southern Tracks last year and is available for digital download on

Marc: Yeah but we have umpteen million songs done and recorded so this fall were gonna pick out our favorites to make A Southern Gospel which will be our first full length album. It will be available on itunes and were gonna press it on Vinyl if you wanna come out and pick one of those up.

AAM:  Do you write your own material?

Brandon: Yeah of course 100%. We do some covers that we play live. But we wouldn’t feel right being represented by anything other than what we write ‘cause we are very original.

Steve: yeah we’ll leave sampling to rap and pop. Rocks been dead long enough to try and go that route. It would hurt it more.

AAM: Where can your fans go to find The Six Shot Revival?

Jon: The easiest place to find out about us would be The Six Shot Revival website (, but there’s also facebook, myspace, twitter, am I forgetting something?

Marc: Yeah man ReverbNation but besides that I think you did a pretty good job.

Steve: Don’t forget itunes.