The Whisky a Go-Go Obeys all Rules of The Sacred Ceremony Tour

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The Sacred Ceremony TourIt was a two and a half month tour that ran for what seemed like a lifetime but as you know everything has to come to a closing point, which brings us to sizzling Southern California in the heart of the ultimate hot spot in town Hollywood! At this particular location which homes some of the rockiest club venues including, House of Blues, Key Club, Roxy, and the world famous Whisky a GO GO tonight the Whisky a GO GO had to pay its respect to honoring the last night of this summer’s scariest tour to date, The Sacred Ceremony Tour.

That ran all across the board leading right back to where it had started at the beginning of the tour in California. Before the night could even begin long lines was already ascending around the venue going way beyond the point of no return from what looked like it. It turns out the show was a sold-out success for the promoters behalf which brought in the buckets of cash. But since this was an all-ages show there were a set of rules that sucked out all of the fun and excitement. Some of which had the crowd of people turn off all cell phones and cameras because no media whatsoever was permitted inside the premises.

After the doors had opened around 5:30PM the crowd slowly but surely descended into the venue bearing of course the main headliners of the night’s attire while others wore about 10 to 5% of the other bands present. The show itself didn’t even start until 45 minutes later with local up-and-comers A Blessing Through Tragedy had opened up the night getting a rattling start from what I heard outside the venue doors since I hadn’t gotten a chance to get a glimpse at the action hidden within. Given take each band was allowed a 20 minute set – it sure didn’t take much time for each band to set-up and play, because as soon as A Blessing Through Tragedy was gone Scream The Dream was up. Now this band had the same skills and attics that Las Vega’s Escape the Fate has and go figure the band ended up doing a cover of theirs “Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliche” which in doubt was quite impressive on their behalf.

Sleeping with Medusa was a downfall for the night – while Modern Day Escape kept the energy flowing from start to finish. Their set-list comprising of “Maybe Holding Hands Wasn’t Such a Good Idea”, “Beauty Killed the Beast”, and “Let’s Get Sweaty”, ending up with a wall of death scenario where the sea of people was split down the middle and charged right at one another just like what occurred in “Braveheart” and “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”. When Get Scared and Vampires Everywhere! were performing some fans in the crowd were caught off guard by the security who had snatched up several phones and cameras if not having those same people being thrown out the venue level and rules were set to high and strict there was no telling as to where it would all end up.

Luckily the members of the press had no problem what so ever or so they thought there were some moments where I had come close to being thrown out or having my camera being taken away but I was one of the lucky ones. As the night was drawing to a close fans were in high anticipation of what was up next, hometown heroes the Black Veil Brides!  As previously mentioned nobody and I mean nobody was allowed to shoot photographs of these guys and what was the reason? We will never know really…

As far as the Black Veil Bride’s set goes it lasted no longer than an hour’s time which gave the fans a half hour wait to meet the band upstairs in the balcony section of the venue and boy did the crowds come rushing as soon as this signing was announced. I myself was already atop the stair well waiting for their performance to come to an end and get a glimpse and brief meet with the so-called rockstars.  In the end it was a night of rules, rules, rules, and more rules to go by causing some distress on/off but was an overall success.