On The Beat with The Dharma Bums

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There are some bands that play great and you know their names. Some are hidden in the crevices of the city. I think The Dharma Bums are one of those crevice bands. They sound amazing live. I wonder what they would sound like on CD. I hope none of their eclectic style goes to waste on an album like some other bands out there. It would be a total shame.

The Dharma BumsThe Dharma BumsThe Dharma BumsThe Dharma BumsThe Dharma Bums

Headed by the lead vocalist, Joe Jimenez, on guitar and bass, these guys knock out some of the most stylish beats I’ve heard in a long time. Ponce on guitar is a true metal-head, Mike on the drums is a wild-man! Bryan on bass had a groovy beatnik/blues vibe about him and Gabriel on guitar/vocals is a straight-up dude with a mellow side.

They go from punk to metal, to ska and reggae and 50’s rockabilly blues. It’s very diverse with awesome sound. I would totally take time out of my non-existent schedule to see them as much as I can. Even if and/or when I do get a regular schedule, I have to see them again. They’re amazing!

Their popular song is “The Telephone Song”, but it only gets strong in the chorus and bridge. Personally, I think they need to work on their lead-ins and verses, but other than that, they’re solid. They play good blues and if I say they do, that counts for something because I’m VERY picky about my blues music. They play one hell of a Black Sabbath cover. My only objection is that sometimes the vocals don’t go with the music, but that could always be perfected with some tinkering of the track in the studio.

The thing I love most about this band is that they like to play backyard gigs or parties. They’re so comfortable playing and they’re so relaxed that they just have a good time. They aren’t pressured by the audience to try too hard. In my book, The Dharma Bums are alright. The name kind of throws me off, but it’s okay. I mean, how many bands reference Jack Kerouac nowadays? Green light for me all the way!