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Stone AxeWashington’s Stone Axe return with their sophomore outing and just like their debut the boys coming out swinging and boy do they connect! To affect this revelation of purpose, multi-instrumentalist Tony Reed and vocalist Dru Brinkerhoff joined here part-time by bassist Mike DuPont and drummer Mykey Haslip have made some of the best rock music music ever to grace the eardrums of man. Stone Axe has such a classic rock sound, but very unique. The songs on the album cover a range of tempos and emotions. This album puts me in mind of some of the great East Coast bands that were around back in the early to mid 70’s when I was in my teens. Bands such as Aerosmith, Ted Nugent with the Amboy Dukes, Cream, Thin Lizzy and Iggy and the Stooges. Fans of Stone Axe’s debut outing will get their rocks off with songs like “Old Soul” and “Live For The Day” that have the bluesy swagger of a Bad Company or Free vibe. Then you have the anthemtic “We Know It’s Still Rock N Roll” that will surely be a crowd favorite at their shows. While “Just A Little Bit” recalls early Stones meets Procol Harum. In terms of pure rock and roll, I haven’t heard a band this good since the first time I heard Cream. What really sets them apart from so many other bands is that their songs are incredibly atmospheric and full of feeling. They all sound as they are written from personal experience and not lame attempts at commercialism. All in all, Stone Axe’s sophomore outing is a fantastic hard rock album from a band that deserves a LOT more attention. It’s the kind of real rock & roll album that you can totally sink your teeth into, and it’s authentic in a way most bands only wish they could accomplish. If you missed this great rock & roll band the first time around, this is your chance to hear what you’ve been missing. I hope Stone Axe stick around for a long, long time. I said it once and I will say it again, Stone Axe are the real deal!