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DisaltoAfter an extended hiatus, Disalto has been trying to reclaim the hardcore glory they displayed at the Warped Tour a few years back, and are hoping their layoff has provided a creative spark.  At LaBrie’s in Glendale on August 17th they performed a highly energetic set that showed their potential to become a strong presence in the LA music scene.

They began the set with “Precious Flaw”, a ferocious song that really set the tone and was a solid glimpse into what this band is all about; in-your-fucking-face music, played with a lot of emotion.  Performing on a stage too small for comfort, Disalto’s stage presence is heightened by convulsing guitarists and a wild drummer who’s not afraid to swing his sticks like Animal from The Muppets.  Lead singer, Dana Cordero, deep, commanding voice leaves you in a trance and one can’t help but be memorized by his vocals.

“Charades”, their most polished sounding song, was backed by a smooth melody and really stood out among the 30 minute set.  Their new single, “The Arrival”, has a lot of promise and look forward to hearing the studio version on KROQ in the near future.

The band, cohesive as a unit, failed to deliver any indication of how talented they are under a singular spotlight.  Unless it went through my ears between trips to the bar, there was not one solo in any song by the 4-piece band, singer not included.  Why would a group that plays with such gusto not take the time to showcase their raw energy, individually?  Modesty is an excellent quality in life, but the stage is not the place to be reserved.  One has to wonder why the members were being timid about revealing their skills: saving their best for a larger show, still working out the rust, or lacking the talent to pull off meaningful solos? Solos aside, I was impressed to see a group of loyal fans that gathered to celebrate Disalto’s comeback as they sang along with a euphoric utz that only an established band could create.  After finishing with “Lightbulb” the crowd pleaded for an encore, none more vocal than the bartender who was solo-moshing behind the bar the entire set.  Disalto appeased the fans with “U”, a song from their first album, which contributed, too much of their success.

A lot of questions about the future success of Disalto were answered Tuesday night, and it seems as if they can bust out of their shell just a little, the opportunities will be there. Check them out at www.Disalto.com