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The next generation of Hip/Hop Rap Megastar has arrived

Colette Carr

Colette Carr

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Colette Carr burst on the rap/hip hop scene in November of 2009 and this 19 year old beauty has entertainment insiders a buzz calling her “Crazy, Unique and Original” and with the recent drop of her highly anticipated (Parental Advisory Explicitly Content labeled) mix-tape “Sex Sells Stay Tooned”.

Colette hails from Malibu California and from what I have heard and the things I have read about this talented young lady she is definitely one female megastar in the making.

Signed with NCredible/Cherry Tree/Interscope Records Colette’s musical talent just exudes as you listen to her lyrics and rhymes as they come straight to the point with such tenacity and poise it is no wonder her smash hit “Back it Up” was MTV’s #1 three weeks straight in a row and still sitting at #7 in the top 100.

I had the chance to listen to a few of her tracks such as “Bitch like me”, “Malibu is Poppin”, and “I Need a Freak”  I can definitely tell that the entertainment insiders were correct on all fronts; she is definitely “Crazy, Unique and most of all she is definitely Original.”

According to “Life in the Day” Chapter 3, one of the most important things about Colette is “I just want to have fun on stage and its extremely important to make sure you have a good live show, I’m doing my thang, I want my shows to be entertaining” as she says that is her job she is an entertainer and if her show is not entertaining she feels as if she is not doing her job, she wants to be a full entertainer “I don’t want to be an itunes girl (ha ha), I want to be the entire package”

Some of the things I think will set Colette apart from the rest of the rappers out there is most of all she is a white female rapper in a predominately mixed color world trying to make a name for herself  she definitely has a different look with her blonde and blue streaked hair, she has individuality, spunk,  and with her psychedelic black light video “Back it Up” which I think is one of the most craziest things I have seen in a good while from any rapper out there on the scene, and from just the few of the other things I have read and heard about her she is definitely a hard worker, its music before play and she is nonstop trying to get her music out there.

Colette CarrColette CarrColette CarrColette CarrColette Carr

All Access Magazine (AAM) had the great opportunity recently to sit down with Colette and see what the buzz was all about.

AAM – Colette how did you know music was where you wanted to be and how long have you wanted to be in this crazy music industry?

Colette – Well I really had a dream to play tennis to be honest but due to a back injury I was told I couldn’t play the way I had really dreamed to, so I was at “The Game” concert with my sister’s friend when the host of the show came out asking was there anyone there that could Rap, so I jumped on stage and started free styling and from that point on music has where I have been and somehow just knew this is where I was supposed to be.

AAM – How did Nick Canon find you and how has that relationship with him, Ncredible/Cherry Tree/Interscope been so far and what are your hopes for the future?

Colette – I was making a video with Richie Mac and once he heard it he went to Ray Brown who was so excited about it that he showed it to Nick and Nick wanted to sign me right then it was awesome.  Nick was like “I have been waiting for someone like you for a long time” “you’re talented, fresh, and a natural at this” So we got together and it’s been so absolutely amazing working with them, Nick is super humble, and he works his ass off and I can’t thank him and everyone at Ncredible, /Cherry Tree/Interscope enough for believing in me.

As far as what my hopes are for the future, I want to inspire the whole world to Smile.

AAM – We had the chance to hear your controversial track “Bieber Interlude”, do you have a beef with Justin Bieber or is it something deeper that you would like to elaborate on?

Colette – I have absolutely nothing at all against Justin Bieber, he kind of reminds me of a kid I knew in first grade and the whole controversial thing I think has been blown out of proportion, it’s more of a fun spoof thing than anything else, it was something I wanted to do for fun and if it creates more buzz for my music then I am all for that, but I truly have nothing against Justin whatsoever.

AAM – How did you manage to generate over 29,000 downloads in just 4 days and which song or songs seem to be the most popular download so far.

Colette – I am fortunate enough to have a large, awesome, local fan base and friends who have been spreading the word out, plus with me being on twitter, Facebook, and MySpace at all my friends and “Ccargoers” are getting me out there.

I would say “Back it up” has been the most popular since it was #1 on the MTV Music Top 100 three straight weeks in a row, but there is more songs out there on my website @ that you can download for free so get at it.

AAM – Also Colette how does it feel that as of today there have been over 50,000 downloads of your mix-tape?

Colette – It feels absolutely amazing, extremely exciting and I feel very fortunate, woot woot…

AAM – Where do you get your lyrics and inspiration to write your music you are trying to get out to the people?

Colette – They come from everyday life, they seem to come natural for me and it seems like a natural talent that I discovered I had about a year ago.

AAM – How will you try to differentiate yourself from other female performers like Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Beyonce’ and others that are out there packing the arena’s?

Colette – I am nothing like any of these artists and they are nothing like me, I am trying to do my own thing and bring my own audience to my world, I love what these woman are doing for the music industry, but I want to be known for doing something that no one else is doing right now and I think I am accomplishing that or at least I am trying.

AAM – Is there a plan for a Colette Carr tour and if so who would you want to be on that tour with you? Or are you just going to see where the sales of this mix-tape will take you?

Colette – There is definite plans for a tour, and as far as who I would want on that tour with me, I’m not really sure but whoever it is, they better be ready for an Extremely Fun and Amazing Tour.

AAM – One last question before you go Colette, AAM would like to say Thank You so much for taking time to speak to our readers, is there anything else you would like to say to your current fans plus all the fans that are hearing about you for the first time?

Colette – OG Goers keep it going, Ccarr Goers, watch the life in the day as I want you to learn something, please listen to every Thursday at 5 p.m. PT and just to have fun, keep your head up and enjoy your life

Also go to and get the key for a chance to win a trip to Malibu to meet me and you can get my mix-tape for free from there as well, so what better way to hear my shizzle than for free.

As my interview was ending with Colette, she mentioned the fact about seeing about a $350 million dollar yacht out on the bay and she asked me would I want a $350 million yacht, and I told her if I had the money to blow on a yacht I would love to have one and asked her wouldn’t she, her statement “Nope, I could save a country with that kind of paper”

This little spitfire of a young woman is definitely going to go somewhere in this industry, just from my few minutes of time asking these questions I could tell that she has the desire, tenacity, and talent to make it in this crazy music industry, her lyrics and rhymes are so fresh that they are contagious, they stick in your head for days, I really think that NCredible, Cherry Tree and Interscope has a winner with Colette and only wish her the greatest success in the future because if someone who had such dreams to have them somewhat shattered to come onto the scene as fast and has made this much of a headwind in this industry I can only imagine how much further to the top she can go.

Keep it HOPPIN Colette.