ORDER OF THE BLACK: Black Label Society

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Black Label SocietyZakk and the boys of Black Label Society return with a sledge-hammer of a release! ‘Order Of The Black’echoes the first two BLS offerings combined with a dash of ‘Book Of Dreams’. while it’s nothing really new, there are different things and I feel this is the best Black Label album in a while. It will without a doubt knock you on your rear end.  It’s nothing revolutionary, just Zakk and the crew unholy balls to the wall rock as they know and love it. If you know Black Label you kind of know what to expect yet you don’t because it’s in the same BLS vein but it seems filled with more creativity and is an overall more different album than some of the past albums the band released. I’d go as far as saying that being away from Ozzy for a while really helped this album being as good as it turned out to be, Zakk put all of his energy on OotB and it sounds like it. The album’s first single “Parade of the Dead” hit radio in June. Like the title suggests, the creates imagery of zombies and the undead. It’s fast paced, heavy, and a good choice as the album’s first single. The second single, “Crazy Horse” was also released in June. It is Order of the Black’s lead off track, and I fell in love with it on first listen when radio host Eddie Trunk played it on his Q104 show. “Crazy Horse” sets this album up to be a 21st Century heavy metal masterpiece. Zakk’s guitar solo is mind-blowing! It is fast, crisp, and has some sharp teeth. ‘Order of the Black’ is a great hard rock/metal album. With Black Label albums don’t listen for any deep hidden meanings or radically new creativity. Just listen to it loud and get your rocks off. It’s like blasting down the highway on an iron horse; it’s not an intellectual experience, take in the road speeding at you and live for the moment. That’s all a Black Label Society  album is, that’s all it needs to be, hard rock shaking your foundation and blowing your mind. All hail the ORDER OF THE BLACK! Great job Zakk!