Rhyme & Reason-Against All Will

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If the Rock Gods ever anointed a rock N Roll messiah to deliver their message it’d have to be in the form of Against All Will. If the bands lineup doesn’t scream the holy grail of rock- a mixture of former members of The Dead Kennedy’s (Steve Wilson), ex Puddle of Muder (Jimmy Allen), 7 Story Drop’s (Jeff Current), and Soulfly’s (Cello Dias)- then surely their sound will make you a believer. Their latest album, Rhyme & Reason, preaches the gospel of drugs in “The Drug I Need” to sex in “All About You”, and of course good old rock and roll- “Let Go.”

Against All WillWhat makes Against All Will so interesting with “Rhyme and Reason” is its musical mixture. There is a distinct quality to each band member’s playing style. Jimi Allen, the bands guitar player, does a good job of giving the band a signature sound along with singer Jeff Current. Somehow Allen manages to go from soft in “All About You’s” intro, starting out with an acoustic guitar, and transitions smoothly to the bands’ recognizable heavy electric sound and still make it sound consistent. Allen’s guitar riffs bring the songs to life in songs rock anthems like “Let Go” and bring back a familiar sound recognizable as grounded in his original Puddle of Mudd- there loss- roots on “The Drug I Need.”

Jeff Current’s voice lends an interesting feel to the album’s tunes. Most notably on track four “The Blue,” it’s hard to not notice the bit of Nickleback influence in his vocals as he sing “Ahhahh ahh Ahha Ahhahhh” but his rough vocals lend a deeper dimension to the music, one Nickelback most definitely lacks. It’s the gut- wrenching feeling one can only produce from having had their heart shattered one too many times. It’s clear Current believes the words he’s singing and in rock that’s a powerful thing. If you can make the listener believe you’re actually feeling a certain emotion, that the words you’re singing are really that painful, you can convert anyone into a believer. That’s what Current does on “Rhyme or Reason.”

Against All WillLet’s not forget about Steve Wilson, the band’s drummer, and Cello Dias. There’s not much that needs to be said about Cello if you’ve heard the album. Cello’s hands on the bass are the perfect mixture of knowing when to lay into the heavy riffs and when to let the subtle steady humm of his bass do the work. The former Soulfly member knows how to rock without letting his instrument overpower him. It’s a talent that many bass players seem to overlook. It’s not about how loud you rock, it’s how hard you rock. As for Steve, he is definitely the backbone of Against All Will. He is the bringer of The Rock! Wilson is the marriage of all the instruments and vocals. His killer drumming on “Swept Away” and “The Drug I Need” takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotions from high to low. His drumming seems to create the perfect climax at just the right point, giving the song exactly what it needs to round out its rock testament.

If you haven’t already heard of Against All Will… oh wait, that seems pretty impossible unless of course you’ve never heard of Soulfly, Puddle of Mudd, or The Dead Kennedy’s- in which case you are no rock fan. In any case “Rhyme and Reason” speaks for itself, one listen and I’m sure it’ll make you a believer.