Testament In Concert Preview

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TestamentFor you Classic Thrash Metal fans out there, I’m sure you’re salivating in anticipation of the American Carnage Tour featuring Slayer and Megadeth.  Well, you’d better make it a point to catch the show at the Long Beach Arena on August 30th, because it will be one of the last gigs with Testament on the bill.  Anthrax will be replacing them on the second leg of the tour.

Although Testament were never considered a part of the “Big Four” during Thrash Metal’s heyday, they sure have come into their own and are probably more popular than ever.   Witness their Wall Of Death at the Halifax show to get a taste of how the crowd reacts to them…

“New thrash fans that only heard rumors and never were able to witness Clash of the Titans will be delighted because all three bands are just as heavy and lethal as ever, if not more,” states guitarist Eric Peterson. “Old school thrash fans, if you missed the line-up before, you don’t want to miss this!”

Obviously the original Clash Of The Titans lineup will happen in the fall with a gig at the Gibson Ampitheatre.  But why not get the best of both worlds?   Check out the show in LB on the 30th with Testament and get “Into The Pit!”