Ted Nugent: Still Wango Tangoin’ After All these Years

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Ted Nugent (far left) in full Native American headdress, channeling the spirit of the great white buffalo at – where else? – Buffalo Bill’s Casino/Hotel at Stateline, Nevada recently.

Ted Nugent(Photo by Doug Deutsch)

(PRIMM, Nevada) – Judging from the assemblage of hi-powered weapons onstage – everything from machine guns and a AK47s to a rocket mortar launcher – I knew this was not going to be any “normal” concert. Then again, any show with Ted Nugent as the headliner is sure to be anything but normal!

Wild as ever at an age (62) when the only rocking many are doing is in a chair in front of the TV set, the guitar virtuoso thrilled a Stateline, Nevada crowd at Buffalo Bill’s Casino Hotel’s Star of the Desert Showroom with an approximately hour-and-a-half set of his longtime hits, including “Free For All,” Dog Eat Dog,” “Cat Scratch Fever,” “Wango Tango,” “Motor City Madhouse” and this reviewer’s fave, “Stranglehold.” Even more impressive is that Nugent – who began his long, storied career way back in 1958 – plays as a trio, in which he handles most of the vocals and all the guitar parts. As for the sound, well it was loud (!!!!) but surprisingly clear and distortion-free.

Ted NugentWe wish this was just a review about the music; however, some of the comments Nugent made from the stage that evening have to be addressed. To begin with, the guy is seriously political – and we see nothing wrong with that. But isn’t a twenty-foot backdrop, full-color painted canvas that depicts Nugent in an armored tank, about to run over both Adolf Hitler and President Barack Obama, in the same painting, a little over the top?!? Yea, we think so too – especially for someone who fancies himself an uber patriot. Additionally, he continues to be a very pro-active hunter and supporter of an individual’s right to bear arms. While we are in agreement about the right to bear arms, what do you really think of a person who owns a fenced-in compound with bison, deer and other animals, solely for the purpose of hunting and killing them (that he also runs as a business, allowing others to come in and do the same thing)? Not cool! Lastly, Nugent’s in-between-songs banter stated that he stayed healthy and virile by not drinking or doing drugs, and (we’re very politely paraphrasing here) not sleeping with heavier-set women. The latter was completely uncalled for and resulted in many a shocked gasp from both sexes in the audience. It should be noted that on Motor City Mayhem, Nugent’s 2008 double CD commemorating his 6,000 show, very little between-song banter was included. After this show, one can easily understand why! As he left the stage, waving his rapid-fire sub machine gun in the air, I was just praying he didn’t spot a heavy-set woman or someone resembling Obama in the crowd. No telling what that crazy SOB might’ve done (was that thing loaded?!?).

In closing, a few words are in order about Terrible’s three-casino complex (Primm; Buffalo Bills; and Whiskey Pete’s) at Stateline. My girlfriend Kat and I visit there at least twice a year, and have a great time; the drive is shorter than Vegas, and in many ways, much more affordable. Oh, and don’t forget to ride their very cool Roller Coaster while you’re there.