Scarred – Haunting Memories

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ScarredWithout really wanting to complain, it must be said that this disc does have a point that can be criticized. “Haunting Memories” is at its end after just a little over 24 minutes, and the listener has a chance to delight in just four exhibits of work of those Americans. Actually, this is just about the only deficit of this disc, because these four masters from California have extremely impressive piece of precious metal to offer that will be enjoyed as much by the power metal-er as much as the friend from powerful sounding doom metal in the best style of Solitude Aeturus. (Check out “Worms of the Universe” and you’ll understand.) Scarred was called to life in 2001 by guitarist John Toscano, when it was his intention to establish a metal band that combined the influences of bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden with modern influences from power metal, delivered predominantly from Iced Earth and Nevermore.Operation successful, patient ALIVE!Even more, “Haunting Memories” turns out to be a real big bag of treats for the metal gourmet! Next to the aforementioned reference bands, Metal Church (the title track emits vibes similar to “Watch the Children Play”) and Savatage (above all the emotional riffs and guitar passages sound inspired by Chris Olivia) also need to be mentioned in order to describe the blend completely. Over and beyond that, there is also a progressive power metal list, heard most of all in the opening “Rise Like the Sun,” with which Scarred recalls diverse US underground heroes from the late 80’s (Opposite Earth, anyone?)To this impressive singing from Eric Claro fits in every situation, who brings the band in the direction of ones like New Eden and similar bands, even if Eric doesn’t climb the high altitudes of some colleagues in the genre. It remains a question where and how this guy has been able to hide himself so well; he has been until now a blank page and came to Scarred to replace his predecessor Sami De John (Ruthless).

A real stroke of luck , Mr. Toscano, respect !That the four songs unfortunately doesn’t last long remains the deficit(next to the “Repeat” taste, of course) and we urgently want to hear MORE from Scarred. To date, other than EP, only the totally unknown debut “Shadow of Conspiracy” exists in Europe, with which the band’s career was started in 2003. The success appeared to fail to materialize, because after a number of gigs at home, the former line-up broke up shortly after. To our good luck John could not be dissuaded from his intention and a few months later brought the band back together. Thank you, for with “Haunting Memories” Scarred has tendered an extremely profound piece of shiny, valuable Metal!

8/10 points