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Stubbs BBQ – Austin Texas

MatisyahuIt is always a pleasure to attend a show at the legendary Stubbs BBQ Amphitheater in historic downtown Austin, Texas and tonight, Wednesday August 18th, is no exception. With the temperatures at 100+ degrees at this time of year, the sweat beaded and poured off my body as I anticipated capturing and witnessing the spiritual Matisyahu perform for his “Live at Stubb’s Vol II” DVD recording before a sold out house!

Only five short years ago, on February 19th, 2005, Matisyahu and his band, The Dub Trio, recorded “Live at Stubb’s” which was released on April 19th, 2005. (Can we assume your lucky number is 19, Matisyahu?) The recording to date has sold close to 700,000 copies and still remains high on the list when is search of spiritual, upbeat, forgetting the worries of the world tunes!

Matisyahu was born in West Chester Pennsylvania with a birth name of Matthew Miller on June 30th, 1979. He would later be known by his Hebrew name Matisyahu. With a nice mix of Reggae, Hip Hop and Rock, Matisyahu has released three studio albums, two live albums, two remixed CDs and one major Live concert DVD recording with the before mentioned Vol II in the works.

With the stage well warmed by Flogging Molly’s Nathen Maxwell’s new band, The Original Bunny Gang, Matisyahu and his band casually stride onto the stage, taking their appropriate positions and silently absorbing the crowds roar of approval. Matisyahu, sporting a white V neck, grey jacket and slacks, neon laced Nikes and mid eastern scarf, welcomes his massive group of fans and quickly begins to dance, spin around and take ownership of the stage.


Treating the crowd to a dozen or so of his hypnotic cuts including Top 40 “King Without a Crown” which held #1 on Billboards Reggae charts, “Exaltation”, “Beat Box”, “One Day” and “Indestructible”, Matisyahu made the all-important connection with his audience, leaving the crowd humming and buzzing with memories of yet another awesome night in the Music Capitol of the World, Austin Texas.

Congratulations on the upcoming “Live at Stubbs” Vol II DVD which we anticipate in the very near future.

Scott Moore is a Live Music Photographer in Austin, Texas