Jackdaw4 :: The Eternal Struggle For Justice

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Too Many Robots

Jackdaw4Jackdaw4 is the brainchild of Willie Dowling , you might recognize Dowling from the band Honeycrack. He also in my opinion, one of the UK music scenes best kept secrets. Jackdaw4 returns with their third release, ‘The Eternal Struggle For Justice’. With  a plethora of people having revered the band’s first two albums, ‘Gramophone Logic” and “Bipolar Diversions”, the band once again serve up pure auditory joy. ‘The Eternal Struggle For Justice’ is one of those albums that is so rich and so dense, that you will be able to pick out something new on every listen. It is true that the listener can hear influences from Jellyfish, the Beatles and many others in Jackdaw4’s songs – which I love. The musicianship is amazing, the lyrics give the songs a completely different dimension once you really get into them, and the whole band is just so willing to put themselves out in the most saccharine of directions, and yes the music is so super sweet in that absolutely perfect way, that it takes a true humbug not to admit a deep like and toe-tapping tendency for Jackdaw4. Great examples of can be heard right of the bat with the Beatle-listic vibe of the title track. While “Everyone Becomes The Road They Take”, with it’s cool seventies jive wins you over with a great horn arrangement. Something I haven’t heard used not since the likes of Squeeze and XTC. Then you tracks like, “We Sold It All”, “Waiting To Die” and “Baby I’m A Killer”, leave your auditory taste buds wanting more. The power of the ideas, the production, the tightness, the varied arrangements, the instrumentation and the delivery never disappoints. Honestly, this recording that can make other musicians downright jealous.