Hand Over Fist :: Cry Out

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Hand Over FistCanada’s newest rock and roll machine comes to you in the form of Hand Over Fist. Not be mistaken for the other Canadian band called Hanoverfist (notice the spelling). The band’s debut release, ‘Cry Out’ is fully loaded with chugging, go for the throat hard rock in a slightly less obviously commercial vein of some of the modern day rock bands out today. The band is fuel by Jinx on vocals, guitarist Michael Ragusa, who move to Toronto via California, who also toured as a sound and guitar tech with he likes of Tesla and many others. You can’t pigeon hole Hand Over Fist. In their own right are an amazing band. High octane rock music at its sensational best. This album has some very heavy songs, it is impossible not to be blown away by such sonic statements as the title track and it’s message on global warming or the mid tempo moving ‘Gemini’ that guaranteed to have your undivided attention! The other tracks are bloody good too! The riffs are heavy the singing soulful and deep and the lyrics are interesting. ‘Cry Out’ is a breath of fresh air from the over saturated and synthetic rock/metal that we are used to. If your into bands like Tesla or Black Label Society then this is a band you should check out. Truly a band that is headed in the right direction. Hard rock ain’t dead, these guys are a reminder of that.