Voodoo Johnson : 10,000 HORSES

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Polarian Records

Voodoo JohnsonVoodoo Johnson are a quality, hard and heavy rock band who keep on producing quality records. Let’s just imagine Led Zeppelin 3 became a living, breathing organism. The result would be Voodoo Johnson .The band’s latest, ‘10,000 Horses’ no exception.  This album is rock solid. There are tons of good catchy riffs and songs on this album. ‘10,000 Horses’ is one of those albums that grow on you. With track like, “Feel Karma” and “SIN” that are guaranteed to wet your rock and roll appetite. The more I listen to it it’s hard for me to figure out what song on the album is my favorite. It’s like all the songs are the same quality and they are all so good. Believe it or not, 2010 is a great time to be an old school rock fan, thanks to bands like Voodoo Johnson that aren’t afraid to buck trends and bring back the ROCK! I highly recommend you all check this album out. It has everything a great rock album has, the band is tight, the songs are well written and well arranged, and the musicianship is absolutely top notch! As far as I’m concerned you can’t get any better than that. Why this band hasn’t broken it big yet is a complete mystery. When these boys rock its full on, when they slow it down its spot on. Each song has the Voodoo Johnson stamp on it and boy does it leave its mark on you!