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Stealing HeatherEver wonder why some bands are overlooked? Maybe it’s because radio and MTV don’t think some bands have that look or sound. Twenty years ago bands relied on radio play and their videos to get noticed. In today’s music world, the opportunities are endless. There is YouTube, Myspace, Facebook and Twitter. Then you have the old reliable way, word of mouth.  The Rocker and I would like to introduce you to Stealing Heather. A band that combines the best elements of music from the 80s and 90s to create their infectious rock sound, Stealing Heather serve up music that is good, it’s that simple.

The Rocker and I spoke with Stealing Heather frontman, Joshua Aaron as he gave us the lowdown on the band’s smashing debut release, ‘Your Mistake’. The album’s first single, “Breathe Out,” a shot of adrenaline shot  about a couple that reassess their lives in the hopes that things will someday get better. Stealing Heather is a band that represents a solid force talking about regret and hope. The Rocker and I had the pleasure of talking with Stealing Heather frontman, Joshua Aaron. Being fans of Aaron’s work with the band The Rosenbergs, it was a bonus for us to chat with him. We wanted to get the lowdown on his new band and here is what he shared with us…

AAM: So, what’s the story behind the name of the band, Stealing Heather? Sounds ominous.

Joshua Aaron: You know, this is usually the first question we get asked in any interview and the smart-ass answer is that we love to steal girls no matter what their name might be. But the real story is that over the years we’ve watched as our society has taken a turn for the worse. When we were growing up we’d watch cartoons on Saturday mornings and that would be all we’d watched. Now kids turn on the TV and bam! It’s not about fury cute little animals anymore, I can tell you that.

AAM: How so?

JA: Today, everything presented to our children deals with violence and negativity. We are only creatures of our environment and the more we keep presenting our children with these images and sounds the more we will be forced to watch the outcome unfold. We are essentially stealing the innocence of our children. The name Heather just seemed to be the essence of a pure, young girl.

AAM: For those not familiar with your work can you give some 411?

JA: Throughout my tenure with The Rosenbergs (my previous band) I had been writing a bunch of songs and had this sound in my head that I needed to get onto a recording. The first album “6 Minutes to Somewhere” was my initial attempt back in 2006 when I was living in Cleveland, OH. I formed a small band and we played a few shows. The songs appeared on a few TV shows and such but I didn’t push it that hard since I had just come off of 8 amazing years of record-making and touring with The Rosenbergs. Following that I started writing in a more congealed fashion and ended up with the songs on our new album “Your Mistake.”

AAM: Being familiar with your work in the Rosenbergs, how different would you say the music direction is with Stealing Heather?

JA: No matter what I say here there’s going to be some sort of label attached to it as it’s just human nature to place labels on anything and everything in which we come into contact. I call our music alternative pop/rock. Some call it 80’s influenced modern rock. I think that I just try and write the music that I love and to which I would be listening. I love big drums, cool synths, catchy hooks/melodies, and… for lack of a better term… massive “wall of sound” production.

AAM: Your debut release, ‘Your Mistake’, sounds amazing. Covering all the musical genres. Is there one song on the album that is personal favorite?

JA: I can’t really say that one song sums up our sound more than any other. I do think that one of the reasons “Breathe Out” was chosen as the initial single is because it is easy to connect with while showing off all the elements that make up the “Stealing Heather” sound.

AAM: One of the songs on the album, “Motive” sounds amazingly like a song Asia wish they had recorded.

JA: Wow, Asia, thank you for that comment.

AAM: what kind of freedom did that give you producing everything on your own?

JA: Well, I don’t know if I would describe the process as being “free” but it did allow me to take as much time as was necessary in order to figure out the best ways to convey my vision and sound. Producing yourself is one of the hardest things you can do as an artist, especially when you are as anal retentive as I am. Nothing was ever finished until I was completely happy with every detail. The best thing I can say about the process was that when it was completed, the sound that was in my head was on the album, and therefore I wouldn’t trade one moment of the process.

AAM: You made you some waves with The Rosenbergs, now you have to start from scratch again with Stealing Heather, Is that going to be a challenge for you?

JA: Stealing Heather is like starting over from scratch. Luckily we have a wonderful record label and a great team of PR, Radio, etc. backing us up. I can’t imagine being in a band these days without anyone behind you. Plus, we have some of the most supportive and amazing fans I have ever known.

AAM: What would you hope that someone would take away from listening to the album for the first time?

JA: That they liked the album. That is all I can really ask for. As long as the listener enjoys it, I am happy.

AAM: Last month you had your listening party at the Key Club? If we are not mistaken, the same night as game 7 of the NBA finals? How did it go?

JA: Yeah, we didn’t schedule that way, I was quite surprised with the turn out.It was an amazing experience that allowed us to connect with our fans from the stage as well as in person. I love doing smaller shows like that where we can really get personal with our audience.

AAM: What do you like better, playing in arenas in front of thousands of people or playing pubs with smaller crowds?

JA: I love playing in front of big crowds, but I still love the connection that is made playing in smaller venues. The more people we play in front of the better.

AAM: Josh, it has been truly a blast talking with you. We wish you and your new band Stealing Heather all the best! Do you have any parting comments?

JA: Thank you guys for helping spread the word. It was a pleasure for me likewise. I would to say also thanks to our fans for their support and we look forward to making new fans along the way.

The Rocker and I along with All Access Magazine would like to thank Joshua Aaron for sharing his time with us.’Your Mistake’ is now available.

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