Creed 20-10 Live

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CreedThe stage is completely dark, then green laser lights shoot every which way, a second later there’s a loud explosion and fire shoots to the rafters.  Without one word, Scott Stapp, Mark Tremonti, Scott Marshall, and Brian Phillips take the stage and belt out the first song of the night, “Bullets”, following that up with “Suddenly”.  After a rousing welcome from the audience, Stapp greets the fans at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Va. with “How ya doin?”, “Good to see you again friends”.  Right away you notice the difference in just a year.  Scott Stapp has let his once very close cut hair grow longer and he looks more relaxed up on the stage.  His voice sounds even better than last time I saw them live which was the Full Circle Tour in 2009.  The stage set up is pretty much like last time but that’s not really what we came to see anyway so it doesn’t matter to me.

The next couple of songs are “My Own Prison” and “Say I”.  I took a minute to look around and I can see parents and children jamming to the same music, together, side by side instead of what you see at some other shows, which are the kids jamming out and the parents standing there wishing it would just hurry up and end.  When they finish with “Say I”, Scott tells the audience, “It’s good to be in Bristow, Thanks for coming, and it’s good to be back”.  Up next was “Torn” and “Overcome” and that’s when Stapp takes a minute to thank the opening bands, Theft and Skillet.  He says he didn’t even know who Skillet was until his son asks him to take him to their concert and by the third song he had his hat backwards and was rockin’ out.  He also acknowledges his band mates by saying “there’s no better friends and no better band than right here”.


They keep going by playing “A Thousand Faces” from the Full Circle album, followed up with “What If”, “One”, and “What’s This Life For” during which Stapp is joined on a raised portion of the stage and he turns to the audience by saying” Even when you know it, it doesn’t mean we’re perfect, but there’s always love to Creedwelcome us back home”, as they continue with the song it almost feels like that was a healing moment for these guys, like they were saying “let bygones be bygones, all that matters is right here, right now, and the music”  it was actually a very moving moment in the show, for me anyway.

Next up was “Faceless Man” and “With Arms Wide Open” at which time the audience was practically singing this song to the band and you could tell they loved it, especially when Stapp told the crowd “That was beautiful”.  Then he told the audience “Some people ask me what does this next song mean, and I have to tell them, it’s up to you” and they end the show with “My Sacrifice”.  Of course the stage goes dark once again, the crowd stays where they are and starts beating on the seats, calling Creeds name, and the band comes back out for their encore that includes “One Last Breath” and “Higher”.  To end the near 2 hour show they said “We Are Creed, Thank You, Good Night, God Bless, and Rock On”.

There seemed to be a lot of eased tension between the band members with this tour and the camaraderie on stage seemed less forced.  It was like the Creed of the past before the separation and it was great to see and hear it.  I also didn’t know until after the show that the tour was called the 20-10 tour because the band was recognizing that not everyone can afford to go to concerts in these economic times so they set the ticket prices at $20 for reserved seats and $10 for lawn seats which to me was a very cool thing to do for the fans.  CreedOnly problem is, I never heard anything about the show or the special ticket prices before the night of the show and a lot of people I knew never heard anything about it either and told me if they had they would have probably gone to the show and there would have been more people there than the maximum 7500 that were in attendance.

As with the Skillet concert, afterwards we spoke with Erin Thompson of the USO who told us she was with about 15 service men and women who had served our country in Iraq and Afghanistan and a few of them had just returned.  I learned that they were there because Creed actually did a meet and greet with them at Walter Reed Hospital and donated their concert tickets to them which I can say from my heart a big “Thank You” to the members of the band for doing that, there isn’t anyone I think that is more deserving than these ladies and gentlemen.  We got to speak to Jasmine Blair who stated this was her first concert ever and it was “nothing but sweet”, she was joined by her father, Staff Sergeant Jay Mills and his wife Tara of Daytona Beach via Ft. Stuart Ga. and Jay said “that if the show was just a little bit louder it would have made his night” and told Creed to “Rock On”, and Tara stated that the show was “Simply Awesome”, with them was 1st Lt. Matt Levine of Woodbridge, VA who said this was his 3rd time seeing the band, the 1st time was in Kuwait, and he had the opportunity to meet them last year.  CreedHe said “I can’t hear it was so good” and he was “glad Scott grew his hair out” and that he still had the band’s signed photo on his wall.

We also spoke to Chaplain Patrick Basal with the 2nd Infantry Stricker Brigade combat team, who stated that “he uses Creed’s music for chapel services to bring the Troops in and it would be awesome to see Creed come to Ft. Lewis as he thought it would boost the troop’s morale.

This was a great show to be at and I was extremely honored to be able to meet some of our soldiers and privileged to have the opportunity to speak with them and I thank them all for their sacrifice and the service they give to all of us and our country and I would also like to thank the members of Creed for being so awesome as to give them the opportunity to be there to have just those few hours of enjoyment that I am sure they won’t forget for a very long time.