THE “NUGE” Tramples through Virginia

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Ted NugentTed Nugent ( and the “Funky Brothers” blasted their way into Virginia on June 25, 2010 to promote his “Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead” Tour at the Pavilion in Fredericksburg Virginia.

As the camouflage tarp came off the stage revealing a huge Grenade, a 50 caliber machine gun with I am sure fake bullets, American Flag, bull skulls and a Fox skin hanging from a stand, Ted stepped on stage decked out in a snakeskin hat, sleeveless shirt and blue jeans carrying with him a very beautiful American Flag clad Gibson Les Paul ripping through one of the most awesome renditions of the “Star Spangled Banner” I think I have heard in a very long time..  As soon as he was done putting chills down everyone’s spine to try and cool the crowd off from the heat wave that has hit Virginia this week, he took a second to Say “Hello Virginia”, and how are you “Can you say Hello Uncle Ted”? , to which the crowd of about 2500 or more didn’t hesitate to respond with “Hello Uncle Ted”.

From “Star Spangled Banner”, he turned right into “Stormtroopin” then followed that up with the craziest sounding rendition of “Girl you really got me”.  Ted was throwing riffs and kicks so hard it’s not hard to see that Ted has kept his Guitar tuned to the way he wants everyone to hear the “Spirit of the wind” as he would say.

Next up was “Wango Tango” and “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang” to which Ted played a very bluesy solo that lasted about five or so minutes, after “Wang Dang” he stopped for a few minutes to say “God Bless you Virginia” “How we doing so far?”, to which the crowd gave “Uncle Ted” their loudest “AWESOME” shout I have heard in an outdoor venue such as this.

Ted took time to introduce “The Funky Brothers”, Mick Brown on drums and Greg Smith on backup vocals and Bass guitar, then he took a second to raise up a couple of the Machine Guns he had on stage and said, “All the Skinny Girls” get free machine guns tonight and if anyone is wondering, I have permits for these and here they are right here as he raised both his middle fingers and said that “Anyone that doesn’t like these permits, can eat shit and die”

After placing his guns back down, Ted took a moment to give a special thanks to our Military brothers and sisters out there fighting for our freedom to be carrying these guns and for our rights to come out here tonight and listen to “Uncle Ted”, he also gave special thanks to all the law enforcement officers out there keeping the peace and then he dedicated this next song to all the brave “Warriors” out there, to which he rolled straight into “Rawdogs and Warthogs” and there were points in this set where I could defiantly feel every heart pounding kick from “Wild Mick” and could definitely feel the hard hitting “Kill a dear from a thousand yards” shreds Greg Smith was shredding from his Fender Precision Bass, as they were really tearing it up on stage with Ted as if they wanted all the troops overseas to hear and feel all the love and appreciation they had for them to be over there giving the ultimate sacrifice.

Ted NugentTed NugentTed NugentTed NugentTed Nugent

Ted also played “Love Grenade”,” KLSTRPHNKY”, “Soul Man” and the whole crowd was on their feet swinging and dancing with one another. He also debuted the reason he is back out on tour with “Trample the Weak and Hurdle the Dead” letting “Wild Mick” tear it up on the drums for a good 5 minute ending solo, which could have blasted the hide off a grizzly bear it was so hard hitting, to which he asked the crowd afterward, “It’s alright to be debuting new shit out here tonight isn’t it?”  To which the crowd immediately screamed “HELL YEAH”.

Ted stepped center stage about three quarters of the way through his set and said “Warriors out there” the best thing you can do is teach a child to hunt, trap, and fish and teach them to preserve our rights and freedoms that our fore fathers back in the day fought for and to teach them the “Spirit of the Woods” and dedicated “Fred Bear” to all the old and new upcoming “Warriors” out there in the crowd tonight.

Ted then took a minute and asked the crowd was there some kind of “Fever” going around in Virginia or was he just feeling “Hot” from the heat that was blazing down on the stage?  Crowd answered “No Uncle Ted” we just want some “Cat Scratch Fever”, and Ted obliged the crowd by rolling into a sweet version of his “#1A” hit songs as he called it gyrating back and forth as he allowed the crowd to sing the chorus all on their own.

Ted NugentTed then said, “since that was his “#1A” hit song he was going to give the crowd his “#1” song,  where he brought out his Gibson Byrdland to play  “Stranglehold” to end the night, but this wasn’t just the “Stranglehold” of Ted back in the day, this rendition he performed was one of the most inspiring, spine tingling, bring you to your knees versions of this song that I think I have ever heard, as I know he played the solo for a good ten minutes just shredding his guitar so masterfully  and never letting go of some of the chords for a minute to make you feel what he was giving you.  As soon as he was done with “Stranglehold”, Ted stepped back, opened his arms to soak in all the love the crowd was giving him and said “Thank You Virginia”, God Bless Virginia’s Attitude and God Bless Virginia’s Freedom, “Uncle Ted” loves ya, Good Night”

This concert was definitely one to check out as Ted definitely entertains his “Animals” as well as promotes his strong beliefs in gun ownership and hunting, but that is not just what he does, Ted after 30 plus years being in this crazy music industry entertains you as well as he can still tear you up as if he was skinning you alive with the way he can still play the guitar and I know it takes dedication to the craft as well as dedication to the fans to come out on tour and still play like you have always have without even blinking an eye and I for one have never see and you can definitely tell that Ted Nugent has not lost his will or desire to bring the music to the masses that are willing to come out and see “Uncle Ted” .

“Keep killing them with the Spirit, Uncle Ted”

Review and Photos provided by:  Stephen Gibson Photography