Motorhead’s LEMMY KILMISTER Initial Artist to Join

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Compiled by: Denise Ames, TV Host of “Focus in the Mix with Denise Ames”

RockTropiaNeverdie Studios has launched, the first-ever virtual music world!  The ‘planet’ introduces an interactive venue for artists to connect with their fans while also creating a new revenue stream for the music industry and for new artists to pursue fame and fortune.

ROCKtropia’s landscape has created a fully interactive 3D destination that allows artists, their fan base and gamers to interact in an environment that keeps users entertained while providing a valuable, untapped revenue stream for artists.  In addition to introducing ground breaking communication and revenue capabilities in the music space, the planet also allows artists unprecedented creative input into their online presence with their own highly stylized land.

The first continent to be inhabited on the planet was created for rock icon LEMMY KILMISTER, lead singer and bassist of Motorhead.  Kilmister’s domain of ROCKtropia’s land includes:

Lemmy's CastleLemmy’s Castle ~ located high in the rugged terrain and mountains, the Castle sits on the north side of ROCKtropia and is guarded by demon spawn, dragons and other creatures created by Lemmy himself.

Motorhead Stadium ~ a massive arena inside a crater featuring three large stages that are the location for live performances and Battle Events.

“It’s the best idea that has ever been visited upon in my suffering years,” notes Kilmister. “I mean, I get to invent monsters and then they slaughter thousands of people and I get paid for it!    What could possibly be better than that?”

Paul InderLemmy’s Castle is administered by his son Paul Inder with many of the monsters created from Kilmister’s own personal sketches. (Paul Inder pic jpg suggested here)  There are also exclusive, limited edition virtual goods that can be earned by early members of ROCKtropia like the opportunity to win guitar axes by defeating the guardians of Lemmy’s Castle.

Without depending on album sales, artists are able to generate real world revenue from their fans’ participation in their land through Entropia’s virtual reality economic system, including the introduction of limited edition virtual merchandise tied to album launches.  The symbiotic relationship also allows fans to earn real world income through activity in the virtual goods economy of their favorite artist’s destination, creating additional incentive for fans to get involved in the community.

The virtual music planet ROCKtropia where Lemmy’s Castle resides can be downloaded directly from for free.  There are no subscription fees.  The game requires Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 in order to run and a moderately powerful graphics card.

You can see an interview with Lemmy and his son Paul along with Lemmy’s Castle footage during Kilmister’s recent appearance on “Focus in the Mix with Denise Ames” TV Show available to watch at, Past Episodes, Lemmy episode Part 2.  To contact Paul Inder email