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The Key Club/Plush Lounge- Hollywood

GoodingGooding, the front man and name of his band, are in the final throws of a 50 state tour. This trio, originally from the Midwest and childhood friends, played a very impressive “acoustic” set. Even with a stripped down set of gear, and no drum kit, just a Cajon, these guys had more energy in their music than if they had full on gear and were running on 50 Red Bull drinks. Opening with “Black train coming”, it was more like a bullet train coming. “Let’s head out tonight” comes out full speed ahead and it seemed like the fingerboard of his guitar was going to catch on fire. Song after song, these guys all had a chance to let loose and show their chops. Even during the song “Please”, a love song, Gooding can’t seem to prevent having outbursts on his guitar playing. The closing song “Jesus is coming (and he knows the Goodingmess you made)” starts with an apology to the audience if he offends for the use of a Christian reference in his songs’ title. But you quickly forget all about the song title when it turns into a full blown jam and the bass player gets an opportunity to let loose. Goodings’ guitar style is a bit of a phenomenon as it resembles players such as Steve Howe, and Steve Vai. Never mind the shortened set length, there was so much energy spent, by the end you were drained watching them. And considering the amount of time they have been on the road, it seemed more like they just woke up from 50 days of sleep, not 50 states of performing.