Gilli Moon – The Stillness Album & Live Review

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Gilli MoonIt was a full house on a Tuesday night at The Mint on Pico Boulevard for Gilli Moon’s cd release party for her new album The Stillness. J.Walker, who appears as a rapper on the new album, was the emcee for the event and engaged the audience with his spoken word parody of Billy Joel’s Piano Man.

Daisy Rock sponsored Paulina Logan opened the show with her song Wallflowers, title track of the album produced by Gilli Moon’s label Warrior Girl Music. Next up was Laura Bradley who is promoting her fourth studio album Bleed. Following this gothic set Jay rapped a love song to his wife, Gilli.

This love shines through on Gilli’s latest release The Stillness. Structurally the song writing is consistent with the premise of the prose; soft whispers of new age trance building to progressive rock finales. I’m Alive and Days In November were my favorite tracks on the album which has a continued lyrical theme of thoughtful meditation.

Speaking of full sound! Gilli’s band for this show was very full indeed with no less than a six piece opening her set. Most impressive of all was a three piece percussion group assembled with Voyce McGinnley, Amy Lou and flown direct from Cleveland, Ohio for the night – Frank Musarra who appears as the primary drummer on The Stillness.

As Gilli progressed through her set she related how she had been playing piano since the age of four when she requested to learn. Her parents obliged with formal lessons from a classically trained German pianist. As Gilli moved into her song Be she explained the song was originally released on her first Females On Fire compilation album as a spoken word track, and is now available on The Stillness. Be is one of my fave cuts on the new album and was great to see performed live with a standing bass, hand percussion sound and warbled psychedelic lead guitar licks.

Gilli MoonWhen introducing her song I Am, Gilli mentioned this was a cowrite with songwriter Richard Harris originally written for Miley Cyrus. After playing through the song Gilli exclaimed, “That’s a three and a half minute pop song!,” to which her fans laughed and applauded. At this point Paulina rejoined the stage for a duet performance of Moon, a cowrite with Gilli who was quick to point out the obvious attraction to her namesake as reason for wanting to record the piece for The Stillness. The live finger picked acoustic guitar performance was much different than on the album where it becomes more of a synthesis of trip hop and progressive rock. Also distinguishing the live sound was Shawn Cunnane on an electrified mandolin and Andy Catt who used a bow on his standing bass. The end result was a very symphonic, yet Martian sound.

Gilli’s live show was much like her new album – ebbing between frenzy and stillness; from bringing the house to riveted silence during her raw acoustic performance of the track Cling On with only Cunnane on guitar to the frenzied percussion of Silent Prophet. I felt the lyrics were particularly strong on Silent Prophet and a good example of what to expect from The Stillness as a whole: “We are here to live our lives/with nothing to prove but to carry the water well/and heal the holes/bury the old/and when you can’t see what the future will bring/Just call the silent prophet within/I’m calling…”

Gilli did summon her prophet within, running through The Mint as if it were suddenly a Southern Baptist revival and her fans were the church choir in what became an interactive sing-along. For her follow up finale Gilli performed her hit Temperamental Angel. Finally the evening concluded with a set from Zoe Scott who flew in from London to promote her new album, starting off her set with the song Chelsea Girl and closing with a fun cover of Roadhouse Blues by The Doors.

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