Bulletboys – Hollow

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At Club Red-Phoenix

During one of my recent trips around the Phoenix valley on June 25th I found myself at Club Red in Tempe (why, I don’t know – I don’t like this place: security tends to think they are above the police and often demonstrate this belief).  Bulletboys were playing this night, and again I’m still trying to figure out how a night of bar hopping ended with me here.  I dug a song or two of the Bulletboys back in the day, but there is no way in hell I would voluntarily go see them in 2010.  No offense to the guys, but c’mon.

So while I am cruising the bar and quenching my thirst, a band comes on – Hollow.  A chord was struck that made me pay attention, and for me this was kind of weird – they are not the normal heavy metal thrashers that I am drawn to.  Instead, their melodic and heavy talent grabbed me right away.  Ryan (vocals) has a captivating aura that seems to resonate with the crowd and keeps their attention focused.  You look at this guy and you might expect some cookie monster vocals searing through the PA.  Instead you actually get clear and concise tone.  As I toss back another brew, I’m thinking to myself “WTF?”.  It’s almost like I am waiting for a trainwreck – these guys look like they could tear you a new ass with metal riffs and lackluster ability.  It was refreshing to see/hear the opposite.

The band lit up the stage with Break Me, Peel and Teeth.  At this point they had full command of everyone in attendance.  It was starting to strike me as why a local band with this much talent and precision was still opening shows for bands like the Bulletboys.  This is the type of band worthy of the Warped Tour or the Tempe Music Fest.

The band continued on with Come Alive, Lie to Bleed, Spin, a cover of Anything and then wrapping the set up with Grudge.  I just don’t know how to reiterate how captivating this band is.  They don’t have smoking guitars or flash pots or any type of gimmick, they just have unbelievable talent.  Subtlety seems to be their strong suit – the riffs from Rick (guitarist) and the beats from Duncan (drums) seem to compliment the progression of the songs behind Ryan’s vocals.  While this set was about 45 minutes, I looked down and my drink and realized that I had only taken a couple sips.

The day after the show, I Google’d the guys and came across their Reverbnation page – www.reverbnation.com/hollowmusicaz.  I was able to listen to the songs they played the night before, absorbing the lyrics and really getting a grip on just how powerful they are as a band.  There is a video for a song called Walk that is breathtaking.  It’s a song that deals with loss, and as a dad, it really did choke me up which never happens.  I’m not going to give anymore away as I want you to go check them out and come to your own conclusions.    Anyone in the Phoenix area – I cannot recommend highly enough to check these guys out.  Warped Tour and Tempe Music Fest as well other festivals – you’d be a fool not to start courting these guys for the next run.