Tiffany Madadian

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The House of Blues

Photos by Ernie Manrique

Tiffany MadadianFor Los Angeles native Tiffany Madadian, playing The House of Blues on Friday June 18 was a big moment and possibly the beginning of many even bigger moments. Tiffany is a twenty one year old singer/songwriter who has been writing and recording her own music since she was sixteen years old. In 2008 with a demo under her belt she hit the Los Angeles club circuit jumping directly from impressive time slots to headlining slots at some of LA’s most famous and notorious clubs such as The Whisky A Go Go, The Roxy and The Key Club. With her vibrant stage persona, catchy pop rock tunes and powerful vocals she has garnered attention to her shows making them a hot ticket in town. With successful shows under her belt she was recently offered to play the legendary House of Blues which was a perfect step for the artist.

Tiffany’s show began at 10:50 pm. on Friday night. The crowd was getting antsy and more and more people had began to flood the dance floor of The House of Blues. There was much buzz about this show particularly because Tiffany has been working on a new EP and had informed fans that she would be debuting new music, which she did. The first a catchy fast paced rant about emotional dates called “Big Boys Don’t Cry” as well as a darker song about a regretful relationship called “You’re Not Me”. In addition to her new music, Tiffany’s set was filled with songs from her 2008 demo and other tracks which she has released periodically over the past two years on her myspace, all of which her fans seemed to know word for word, even taking over on vocals when handed the mic by the singer.

Tiffany MadadianTiffany MadadianTiffany MadadianWith infectious melodies, throw back 70’s guitar riffs and her incredible talent of being able to carry her audience through sweet storytelling, girl banter and also down an emotional, sometimes angry ally of arena rock anthems, she is surely an impressive force to be reckoned with on stage. And not only was the show an impressive one to compete with but Tiffany’s turnout was quite an impressive sight for a relatively unknown artist. Though not signed to any label (yet), Tiffany had the largest turnout of the night with fans elbow to elbow all throughout the club watching wide eyed and singing and dancing along. We hear this isn’t rare for the artist who has an incredibly large and loyal fan base, one that would match an artist who’s music was being featured on television shows or played on the radio. She certainly is breaking the mold with her sound and show as you can see on stage and and off and we are sure with a bigger platform to showcase her music on this singer will be needing much larger venues to support her show and her growing fan base. Keep your eyes and ears open for Tiffany Madadian’s first EP which will be released on itunes summer 2010 and judging by her House of Blues performance we are positive it will be you’re new favorite record and one that will be stuck in your head all summer long.