The Thrashers

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The Whisky A Go-Go

The ThrashersWhen I first heard that this band was composed of five 9-year-olds, I was thinking, “Yeah, right, this is going to be a joke band” – but the joke was on me. You see, the Thrashers, who hail from upstate California, are no laughing matter. The quintet of elementary schoolers have a few aces up their sleeve, namely, talent, great songs, and the ability to deliver them like hot pizza.

The Thrashers consist of lead singer/bassist Nick Rigling, his twin brother drummer Chris Rigling, guitarist Geddy Franco (who was supposedly named after Rush singer Geddy Lee), rhythm guitarist Charles Rutledge, and keyboardist Brandon Lurie. Now, I know what you’re thinking – these “kids” are too young to play, right? Wrong. Each member of the Thrashers is really good at what they do, especially for their young years. Every member of the group delivers time and time again, and can hold their own against most musicians in their group, especially for their young years. To see a group of kids up their jamming is incredible, and the Thrashers just might be the band to change the way everyone looks at hard rock music. This band must be seen – and heard – to be believed.

The ThrashersThe ThrashersThe ThrashersAs far as the songs go, the band has come up with some pretty cool heavy and hard rock songs. It’s amazing that a group of nine-year-olds can not only write some fine songs, but play them as well as they can. I’d have to say that “Solider” is their best song – it’s as good as anything you hear from a band with members three times the age of the Thrashers. “Graves” is a great song as well, and shows the Thrashers songwriting ability.