The Talking Stick

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Venice/May 26.

The Talking StickOne great venue, three lovely ladies, and an evening of beautiful music. This was the order of the night as sponsored by “TK Promo Presents”, a monthly showcase event at the Talking Stick in Venice.  Glynace, Patricia Bahia, & Athena Marie.  First up, was the lovely Glynace Eastham hailing from Houston Texas. She begins her set with “Sugarbaby”, from the CD of the same title and is full of wonderful lullaby songs for children. She continues with musings of her childhood in Louisiana, her fond memories of the smell of breakfast cooking, and listening to the radio which she incorporates into her storyteller/songwriter style and charms us with “Lou’siana Rain”. A self-proclaimed folksinger, Glynace is something of a rare gem in these parts, and quite the unexpected musical treat.  Next up at bat, we have Patricia Bahia; currently an LA based talent, but hails from the Midwest and loves to tell of her Persian born mother and Dutch father who met in St. Louis of all places. Regardless of her earlier ventures in the music world Patricia goes on to speak of her experience with cancer and how surviving that shaped her songwriting voice. Accompanied onstage by Jonathan Hayes on guitar, we are treated to a variety of selections from her “Long Road Home” EP, and eventually being accompanied onstage by Athena Marie, for “Kaleidoscope”. The Talking StickBy the end of her set, you cannot help but to be moved by the depth of her life changing experience and ultimately, her deepened appreciation for the gift of those around her.   Moving on to another outstanding LA singer/songwriter we are presented with Athena Marie and opens up her set with the upbeat “Sunday Mornings”,  and happy, but not sappy love song. Throughout her set, she shares a wonderful variety relationship based songs, and much to her credit maintains a great balance of emotions in her songwriting skills. During her set, she was joined by Patricia on “Good Day” and the two collaborate wonderfully onstage.  Another fine evening at a not so typical coffeehouse as The Talking Stick was recently remodeled and has a stage setup accordingly, and a proper sound system.  Well worth the price of admission (which was free that night).