Pain Of Salvation :: Road Salt One

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Century Media/EMI

Pain Of SalvationAn astonishing musical soundscape I am pleased to report graces the latest recording from the amazing Pain of Salvation. As many of you are aware, this set forms the first half of the double release, complete with the follow-up album “Road salt two” due later on in the year. So the direction Pain of Salvation have taken on this latest opus is likely to meet with mixed reactions, the band have come a long way since the amazing metal “fest” and progressive debut “Entropia” first hit the shelves back in the late nineties, and since then their music has slowly matured and developed,like sweet red wine. ‘Road Salt One’ is more powerful, touching and simply honest” besides of course the quality of all musicians. There is a strange mix of sounds we start with “No Way” which sounds like something by the Beatles. Then we have some blues with “She Likes To Hide” a really nice ditty. “Sisters” sounds like bar room blues of the ilk of Tom Waits and is really cool, but then again I think Tom Waits is really cool. “Of Dust” is a haunting song not dissimilar to the “Oh Lord” track from ‘BE’. “Tell Me You Don’t Know” is old fashioned road house blues song. “Sleeping Under The Stars” is a fairground song (and sounds like one too) which I’m not sure I get just yet. “Darkness Of Mine” has elements of pychedelia and rock, an excellent track for the more prog minded of us. Any doubters can rest assured this is likely to triumph as the greatest progressive rock effort of the year by a country mile, in terms of songwriting and musical richness this is about as good example as any to showcase these subtleties. Pain Of Salvation are near matchless in this type of work, they have proved it numerous times before with previous concept masterpieces and now they’ve done it once again here with “Road Salt One” What are you waiting for?