Ozzy Osbourne :: Scream

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Ozzy OsbourneOZZY OSBOURNE the ‘Prince of Darkness’ returns with is latest offering, ‘Scream’. This is Ozzy’s first album in almost three years and 10th studio album overall. So what is his secret of lasting so long in the music industry? It’s quite simple, really: Write good songs. Ever since debuting with Black Sabbath way back in 1970, Ozzy and his band have written quality, complete songs that combine excellent, crunchy riffs, killer solos, and a tight rhythm section, with memorable hooks, a keen ear for melody, and (rare in this day and age) good, well-thought-out and often thought-provoking lyrics. Those folks who only know the domesticated Ozzy from his MTV show will most likely view this album as a wake-up call. The loud reassurance of tunes like “Let It Die” and “Soul Sucker” comes as a boot to the collective bottoms of younger rock bands that currently rule the airwaves. It reminds them that although he’s getting a bit long in the tooth, Ozzy can still rock and probably will until the day he dies. The aforementioned tracks as well as “Diggin Me Down” “Crucify” and “Fearless,” are all excellent rockers. Then you have the arena rocking “Let Me Hear You Scream”, proves that Ozzy can still rock with the best of them. Overall, Ozzy, Zakk Wylde, Mike Bordin and Blasko have put together an excellent full metal jacket of tracks for “Scream”. There’s no stopping the Ozzman any time soon as far as this album is concerned. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys Ozzy’s older work as well as fans of Black Label Society, hard rock of the 80’s/90’s and the kiddos who think Ozzy is nothing more than a burned-out rocker. Hide the Nickelback albums, boys, the prince has returned!