Glyder :: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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GlyderAfter two stunning albums I actually thought to myself Glyder might have used up all their big guns a bit too early. Not so though, and it became apparent to me that a band with this much talent and creativity would always have room to progress, develop and explore new areas within their own dynamic sound zone. “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” is the first Glyder album that really tests the listener. While both the first two albums are excellent rock albums in their own right, when listened to in the context of this illustrious third, one can really see the fruits of a band working, learning and practicing together over a number of years. Glyder has finally managed his own sound, moving away from his early Thin Lizzy sounding records. It remains fresh and adds newer sounds, rhythms, guitar effects and atmospheres, but still classic. The variety of the boys serve up on this album is remarkably, and from the first listen you know that you are listening to one the of the best rock albums released this year, with natural born rockers, “Jack Strong” or “Knockout”, will last like any rock anthem you can imagine, hidden gems like “One of us” has one of the best riffs of the decade!, a very special guest on “Y(&)T and tomorrow” (guess who?), if you said, Dave Meniketti that you are correct! “All You’ve Done” has a fascinating sound to the vocal in the chorus and the final track, “Elverstown”, is a short instrumental crescendo that would serve well as the walk on track for the live set, which I can thoroughly recommend you try and catch. This is the band’s and most accomplished offering and, if the development continues, I cannot wait for the 4th. Meanwhile I will savor this one as it sits well up there on my current play list. Don’t just take my word for it though. Make “Yesterday. Today and Tomorrow” your next investment and add it to your collection. Cheers guys for blowing me away once again!