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House Of Blues/Anaheim

Photos by Ernie Manrique

Flyleaf“Flyleaf” an alternative metal band based out of Texas, visited Southern California recently on their “Unite and Fight” tour. To promote their latest album “Memento Mori”. Flyleaf played to a sold out audience at the Anaheim House of Blues this Saturday. Once I arrived at the venue I quickly realized I was not going to get down stairs to the stage level. So I continued to a balcony seat where I peered over the edge to see the huge crowd. It was easy to see that the band has a wide range of followers from the very young Christian base to the older rock n roll enthusiasts. All anxiously awaiting to hear Flyleaf’s religiously inspired rock music.

When the band was about to take the stage a large backdrop of their cd cover fell to announce they were about to start. The crowd immediately began to cheer as the band members took their positions. A loud up roar filled the room when Lacey Mosley the female lead singer took the stage, wearing a cute strapless black dress with black Vans shoes. Flyleaf quickly started off with high energy playing some of their heavier rock songs from their “Memento Mori” album such as “The Kind”, “Again” and “Beautiful Bride”. Flyleaf had a great stage presence grabbing the full attention of the crowd though the entire concert. The bass player Pat Seals did not miss a beat running around and jumping off the insanely tall speakers onto the stage. Lacey’s voice was perfectly on key through the singing and screaming into the microphone all evening, sounding as good live as she does on their cd.

FlyleafFlyleafThe momentum continued when Flyleaf played their singles “So Sick” and “All Around Me” from their self-titled album which, came out in 2005. The bands entire set list was packed with a great mix of songs that have catapulted them into fame recently. The band finished the evening with without an encore, which took me by surprise. Yet as I left the House of blues that night singing to myself, I was amazed at how much better they sounded listening to them live, compared to my I Pod. I hope they come back to California soon so I can see them again. You can check them out on