Danko Jones :: Below The Belt

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Bad Taste

Danko JonesIf you like your rock a litle different to the normal ‘indie’ types that are in abundance right now, some lyrics that fire the imagination, something to strut about to with a pretend microphone and guitar, or just something to listen to with a bit of attitude and funk with the car window down feeling confident and sassy – this is for you. Canadian rocker, Danko Jones lets loose with the band’s latest release, ‘Below The Belt’, ‘ The three piece hard-rock outfit do not let up their relentless sound here, the rugged guitar hooks and pure energy is reminiscent of the band’s formative years. The hard rock trio have evolved into a stadium filler band, transferring their enthralling live shows into the singalong fist pumping rockers like ‘Tonight Is Fine’ and ‘I Think Bad Thoughts’. ‘Below The Belt’ will simply make your jaw drop. It’s that good. The production quality is crisp and tight, yet doesn’t interfere with the rawness of Danko Jones’ sound. And what a sound. Everyone’s going to compare them with other bands to try to describe them. The most obvious is AC/DC mostly because of the sheer bare-bones power-chord energy mixed with a blues sensibility. Just add a heart-thumping fuzzy bass underneath it all. Your subwoofer’s going to love this one. Good stuff. From track to track all the way through to the end, you quickly come to the realization that you just picked up one of the best CD’s you’ve heard in a long time. Danko Jones does it again!