Bullets For My Valentine :: Fever

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Bullets For My ValentineAfter what seems like ages, Bullet For My Valentine is finally back with the energy and passion any great band should have. “Fever” is a testament to having a passion for heavy music. As “Scream Aim Fire” was slightly different from “The Poison”, “Fever” proves to tread some new area, as well. The new recording pairs Bullet For My Valentine with producer Don Gilmore, best known for his work with Linkin Park and Good Charlotte. Musically, the music served up here will you like a sledge hammer. Great, heavy, guitar riffage. These guys really know how to write great metal songs. Nice flow, melodic solos, and wonderful vocal harmonies. The intro to the album in ‘Your Betrayal’ is powerful, with many songs following which are great musically. Some songs such as ‘A Place Where You Belong’ are refreshingly different, being much slower. Demonstrating the band’s musical diversity and shows us that they are not afraid to try something new, and if you are one of those individuals that always expects more of the same on every release from a band, then this is not an album for such closed-mindedness. Overall then, compared to the band’s previous albums, it is nearly, but not quite as good and if the lyrics had been improved and some of the former passion and attitude that gripped Bullet For my Valentine had been kept, this album could have been better. Still, hats off to you boys for another job well done.