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BlestenationBlestenation, hmmm… this is possibly the coolest hybrid of rock and rap you’ve never heard of. Although the trio of Werdplay, Various and DJ Fafu don’t generally consider themselves of the aforementioned genre, the music they have created in the past, and in particular on Mbugout City, is very appealing to those in favor of that vibe. Very good production, clever lyrics, deep beats and at time – sinister guitar melodies compliment the unusual vocal capabilities and overall atmosphere of a dark, yet body-moving sort of atmosphere. The truly interesting thing about these guys though, well, they basically had record label honchos courting them a few years ago, until the group all but decimated every bridge they ever crossed in the business. Ego and illicit substances sidetracked them almost into oblivion. No time here to go into it, but after working with the likes of Maynard James Keenan, Method Man and other notables both in front of the mic and behind the commercial music scenes, these guys did some very bad extracurricular things to their own career potential! Well, they are back and this album is truly worth looking into. Besides incorporating expected hip-hop flows and beats, the group utilized everything from harmonious choruses to epic symphonic intros to heavy guitar riffs. This isn’t commercial music by many of the contemporary standards, yet the group has been gaining some video play and when you get right down to the musical experience – there are commercially viable tracks – if only given the chance. The entire album is pretty impressive in the diversity offered across sixteen tracks. Standouts include “Never Let Your Guard Down,” “Blackout” with Travis Barker of Blink 182 and “In a Hurry.”