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Welcomes Fishtank Ensemble tomorrow, 6/17

Los Angeles – MALABOMBA!, Los Angeles’ only Gypsy-spiced International Dance Party, celebrated its one-year anniversary last month with

a host of bands, belly dancers and giveaways.

The club, which is held monthly at the Bordello Bar in downtown Los Angeles, is the brainchild of local DJs Jason Savvy and Rod Cumming. According to the duo, MALABOMBA! offers up an exciting mix of “Balkan beats, Romany rock ‘n’ roll, Turkish garage, Persian mambo, Ethiopian soul, Bollywood funk, Peruvian psychedelic cumbia, Soviet disco, and more.”

Savvy, who has been spinning records at venues coast-to-coast for over a decade, chose MALABOMBA’s unique musical flavor based simply upon his passion for sounds from around the world. “When I hear this music, it just moves me. The music we play is very complex – it hits you intellectually. But at the root, there’s an inarguable passion to it – it feels very natural, organic and uncontrived,” Savvy explains, adding “I simply wanted to find a place to go hear this type of music in Los Angeles. We discovered there was no such place, so we created one.”

Savvy, along with Rod Cumming (who goes by the nom de turntable of DJ Cat Hair) started hosting these events in Spring 2009 and haven’t turned back since. MALABOMBA! features two DJs throwing down international music for the dancefloor, CD and ticket giveaways, and a plethora of live bands all orbiting around the event’s unique aesthetic.

Pictures of the MALABOMBA one-year anniversary party are available at

This Thursday, June 17th, MALABOMBA! welcomes Fishtank Ensemble for a live performance in support of their new album Woman in Sin. A limited number of Woman in Sin CDs and Fishtank Ensemble T-shirts will be given away during the show. Tickets to the AE show on June 18th a the 2Headed Horse in Echo Park and the Gogol Bordello shows at the Mayan on June 21st and the 22nd will also be given away.