Nonpoint :: Miracle

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NonpointThirteen years to their name, with seven albums to date, and the eighth on the horizon, there is nothing heavy metallers Nonpoint cannot handle. As we all know with the release of a brand new album there is always a new member to follow and that is the case when it comes to Nonpoint, this album is the first to feature their new guitarist Zach Broderick who joined the band during the late term of 2008, replacing the original/departure of guitarist Andrew Goldman. If it wasn’t for Zach Broderick joining in on all the fun, who knows what could have become of Nonpoint, but we are aware of this, Nonpoint has unleashed a “Miracle”. If you didn’t guess it by now, “Miracle”, is the eighth addition to the band’s name, claiming it as their fresh start to a new beginning.

The album was recorded out in Racine, WI, and was produced by Mudvayne vocalist Chad Gray as well as guitarist Greg Tribbet the fun doesn’t end there for Mudvanye’s front man provided some special guest vocal tactics to the band’s title track taking it to the extreme. Whereas other tracks that are enlisted upon the album give it a mellow but heavy touch, for instance “Frontline”, decreases the aggressiveness whereas “Electricity”, tends to build it back up, sending a static wave of sensation in a matter of minutes.

Though Nonpoint has given us a taste of what they can do, the band decides to take on a classic tune one that is quite familiar to you and I, Pantera’s “5 Minutes Alone” which in this case has taken on a brand new sense but still possesses that momentum and aggression that Pantera was so known to obtain.  Nonpoint has managed to take this tune and turn it into a formula without changing any details except resurrecting it from the ground up – keeping this tune alive and well.

Nonpoint sense of metal has been brought back from the dead and shall not be forgotten.