Glyder – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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Irish Rockers GLYDER talk to All Access

GlyderIrish band Glyder began its musical journey in 2004 at the annual Phil Lynott tribute gig “Vibe for Philo” in Dublin. Three albums and two EP’s later Glyder have developed a very distinguishable and unique sound, blending their classic rock influences with a fresh and modern sound.

Over the past five years Glyder have toured the UK and Europe with some of the finest names in rock, Thin Lizzy, Wishbone Ash, Dio, WASP, Thunder, Fish (Ex Marillion), Y&T, Michael Schenker, Hawkwind, Gotthard, Blue Oyster Cult and The Answer. In 2007 they played at Gods of Metal in Italy with Motley Crue and Velvet Revolver, Sweden Rock festival in 2008 with Def Leppard and Whitesnake, Raismes festival in France 2008 with Saxon and Uli John Roth and Hard Rock Hell 2 in Wales 2008 with Thin Lizzy. Glyder played their first headline tour in Spain in 2008 and headlined to 10,000 rock fans in India in October 2008 proving that they can win over any audience in any live situation.

In August 2009 Glyder opened for Metallica in Marlay Park Dublin.

The four piece band still have three members in their mid-twenties have the musicianship and songwriting chops to match to bring their classic rock sound to audiences all over the world.

The third album now ready to be released has stunning Mark Wilkinson artwork and a guest solo on the title track by one of rocks finest guitarists Dave Menketti from Y&T. Glyder guitarist Peter Fisher and drummer, Davy Ryan shared their thought about the band’s latest release, ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’ and what they planned for the future. Here is what they shared with us…

AAM: How long were you in the studio recording the new album? How many songs did you actually write for the new record?

PETER: FISHER: This album took a little over a month to record, we recorded it in a great studio called Bluebird Studios not too far from where we’re from in Irelandas to how many songs were written for this album, there was some material left over and some ideas that were never fully developed.

AAM: How different was your approach, musically, with the new album than your previous releases?

DAVY RYAN: It wasnt much different than before, for me on drums I simplified some of the beats i was using to create a better groove on the songs rather than trying to play the samerhythm as the guitars I just played a straight forward 4/4 or whatever without adding in offbeats on the bass drum to keep it pumping.

PF: We didn’t intentionally appoarch this album differently but I think on this album we put more thought in to the song writing and we had the experience of the previous two     albums and the EP behind us.

AAM: How did you guys get Dave Meniketti of Y&T to play on the new record? Does that mean you guys might be touring with Y&T when tour the States? (That would be awesome).

PF:  We got to tour with Y&T in the U.K. before we made this album, it was a great tour and the Y&T guys are the nicest guys you could meet.

When we got home from that tour we were putting material together for the album and Bat had written the song “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” he emailed Dave and asked if he would like to do a guest solo on the song and luckily for us he did and as for touring there has been nothing discussed about us touring with Y&T again but we’d love to.

DR: Y&T were all very nice people so we got to know them a little. There has been no talk of us touring with them in the states yet but when our album comes out over there hopefully something like that will happen.

AAM: Any memorable moments, good and bad, while recording the new record?

GlyderPF: Recording can be frustrating, there are times when you are not getting the results you want, so there are always those memories, but there was nothing too bad to recall, a good moment was hearing that the album would be released on SPV/Steamhammer record label, this was great because it meant that we were doing something right.

AAM: For someone new to Glyder, how would you describe the band?

PF: We are a band hugely influenced by classic rock but we also have a modern edge to our music, between us all we listen to a huge range of styles of music so that   is part of our sound also, and we have a lot of respect for song writing and melody as part of our music.

DR: I’d say we’re melodic rock band with influences from blues, reggea, prog and metal along with others.

AAM: It’s obvious that your sound is influenced by Thin Lizzy. Would that be a fair statement?

PF: Every one of us in the band is influenced by Thin Lizzy so that is a fair statement; we never intentionally tried to copy Thin Lizzy’s sound at all it’s just a natural influence that comes across.

DR: Well were all big Thin Lizzy fans and it does rub off on our sound but I’m not sure if it is to the extent that some people say, not since the debut album anyway.

AAM: As far as playing shows here in the States, who would you love to tour with?

PF: That’s a though question because there are so many bands i would love to tour with personally, we haven’t gotten the opportunity to play in the States at all yet so any tour would be a really great.

DR: There are so many, I see iron Maiden and Dream theater are doing a north American tour this summer, i don’t know any musician that wouldn’t give anything to get on that tour!!… Also Foo Fighters, Metallica, Y&T, Queens of the Stone Age, Alice In Chains, Rush, Stone Sour, Pearl Jam…. and the list goes on and on.

AAM: How did the Iceland volcano affect you touring shows in Europe?

PF: We had to play a couple of gigs in Sweden recently and it was very “touch and go” as to whether we would get to go, and then while we were out there we weren’t sure if we would be able get home but thankfully it all worked out fine, it’s still going on so it could still affect us.

DR: Lucky enough we were not touring much at the time and the shows we did have abroad were just at the right time as airports opened up within a few hours of us having to leave.

AAM: How soon can we expect you to come play shows here in Los Angeles?   As I asid before we haven’t had the oppertunity to play in the States yet, our last two albums weren’t offically released there, this one though will be released there in the coming months and hopefully that will lead on to the chance to play some shows over there soon.

DR: Thats a good question we’re not really sure until the album is released over there and we see how well it does and after that hopefully it should’nt be too long. We’re looking forward to going to the U.S.

AAM: Any comments for your fans?

PF: Watch out, we’re comin!

DR: Thank you all very much for your support and keep spreading the Glyder word and we hope to see you all very soon!!

The Rocker and I along with All Access Magazine would like to thank Peter Fisher and Davy Ryan for sharing their time with us. Brothers it’s been a blast, hope to see you soon. Cheers! – The Atomic Chaser & The Rocker

Glyder release, “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” is available now on SPV. FOR MORE INFO ON GLYDER PLEASE VISIT: