Ben G. :: Getaway

Written by on June 3, 2010 in June 3, 2010, Music Reviews - 1 Comment

Ben GBen G.’s  ‘Getaway’ sounds like a merger between Tom Petty and Kings Of Leon – with a style that is based in rock, but clearly shows some influence from invading British bands, and mainstream pop.

With a memorable chorus that will have you singing along after just one listen,  the lyrics touch upon universal themes, managing to be relatable without being generalized. Vocally, Ben G. reminds me of John Wozniak from The Marcy Playground, possessing a relaxing tone that is easy to take in.  Sonically the overall production is solid and sounds ready for radio, with enough interesting effects and flares to really stand out.  This was brought about by Dave Thompson who also produced and played all the instruments on Ben’s previous EP ‘Cut You In’.

It sounds as though both parties have evolved, there is no doubt the upcoming album will be satisfying for fans of indie and mainstream music.