Feisty Piranhas Live in So Cal

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Feisty Piranhas Rise Again With “Live In SoCal;” Band Nominated In The “Showcase Artist Of The Year” Category   –  For 20th Annual L.A. Music Awards 

*Perform Locally: THE CANYON CLUB (Opening for The Tubes) – Sat., June 26*

 Since their sophomore, and best known, album Shocked in 2005, Feisty Piranhas have been making a splash (forgive me for the pun) in their local Southern California music scene. The band has earned their share of awards, and have opened for acts such as Blue Oyster Cult and The Misfits, it’s a wonder that they’re not getting nearly as much recognition as deserved.”        


 The Feisty Piranhas, nominated in the “Showcase Artist of the Year” category for the (2010) 20th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards, return to perform at the renowned Canyon Club, 28912 Roadside Drive in Agoura Hills, where they’ll be Direct Support for famed rockers the Tubes on Saturday, June 26. 7:30 P.M. $25. Info: (818) 879-5016 or log onto www.thecanyonclub.net. The eclectic father-and-son-fronted rock group headlined “Feisty Fool’s Day” at the Canyon Club this past April 1 and continue to get gigs other bands would kill for: i.e., warming up Blue Oyster Cult at the Ventura Theater this past April (third consecutive year doing so) as well as opening for legendary punk rockers Fear at The Key Club this coming October. Feisty Piranhas also co-headline the famed Roxy Theater on July 2 and recently performed at a L.A. Music Awards live showcase, leading up to the main event on Thursday, November 18 at the Paramount Theater in Hollywood. The LAMA’s are the longest-running independent awards show of its kind; past nominees include Grammy-winning act Black Eyed Peas, platinum pop artist Gwen Stefani and blues guitar great, Walter Trout.                                                                                   

The frenetic, energetic power-pop-punk band recently took part in one of the Spring’s major concert events, performing as part of Skinnie Magazine’s “Top 100 Bands” Festival on the historic Queen Mary in Long Beach. 2009 was a watershed year for the unique “father-and-son” band (drummer Peter Lust is the father of front person Peter Alex Lust), starting with guitarist Lust Jr. being pulled onstage by seminal punk band NoFX to perform the song “Linoleum” at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood and resoundingly winning over the raucous crowd; and ending with the band again being selected a “Hot 100 Unsigned Artist for 2009” by longtime respected trade publication, MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE. In between, they opened for Nations Afire at The Whiskey and rock royalty the Blue Oyster Cult for the second consecutive year at the Canyon Club, where they also headlined; were interviewed by “Focus In The Mix” television show; released a new CD, “Live In SoCal;”perfomed with alt-rock front-runners Death By Stereo and A Static Lullaby in Long Beach; appeared with Korn at KROQ’s “Halos N’ Horns” Festival; opened for longtime rock gods, The Misfits, a third consecutive year, as well as the power/metal mainstays DragonForce, both at the fabled Ventura Theater; and were submitted for consideration for a Grammy nomination in eleven separate categories into the 52nd Grammys, the band’s fifth consecutive year receiving such an honor.

 Reviews of the Live In SoCal have been favorable. “A killer pop/punky bunch of guys from Southern California who have really great catchy punching memorable songs,” writes U.K. magazine METALLIVILLE. “They’ll definitely grow on you as they did me…”Godfather is an excellent political number with some funky ska moments…they’ll have you hooked for sure.” RIOT ON BROADWAY raves, “Live In SoCal is an example of the amount of talent the Feisty Piranhas possess on stage, and not just in studio… you get a touch of the band’s hip-hop side in “24,” which has a rapped verse over a nicely dirty, although dark, guitar backing, with a much more punk chorus and second chorus. You also get a touch of the band’s softer side in tracks like “A Better Day” and “Alone,” although the latter features a touch of what might sound to some like a little bit of ska punk. The first song that literally blew me away was “Do You Know.” From the opening chords, to the later solo work (which, even I’ll admit, is incredible), to the overall style of the song, I could’ve sworn it could’ve been by the likes of the Bad Religion. Which is by all means a compliment. The Feisty Piranhas are, without a doubt, deserving of every award they’ve received. From the ability to sound as good live as in studio, to the commendable amount of chemistry this band has, not least of which is because of the father-son involvement. In any case, this is an excellent release for anyone who appreciates this type of music. Perfect for anyone who wants to experience this band in any way. Really good stuff here.”

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